One Instagram account begs the question, so I investigated

Credit: Photo Courtesy of @fooddeco

I don’t need to tell you, dear reader, that avocados remain trendy. Not only are we eating massive quantities of them, we’re also injuring ourselves cutting them and blasting them with UV rays to prevent us from experiencing "avocado anxiety." But could our undying love of the avocado translate into the stone fruit working its way into marriage proposals?

That’s the question that Instagram account Food Deco, run by Colette Dike, seems to be asking this week. The vaguely Valentine’s Day-themed photo features an avocado where a pricey engagement ring takes the place of the inedible pit.

It’s easy to roll one’s eyes at the idea of hiding an expensive engagement ring inside of a (somehow only slightly) cheaper fruit. But a quick scan of Instagram indicates that yes, #avocadoproposals have actually happened.

Don’t feel like risking injury cutting an avocado open? Don’t worry! It looks like you can hire Custom Avocados to print a proposal message on the outside of one. It looks like you can also use that service to express your love of IBM, for some reason. Maybe slap the Bitcoin logo on there and see if you can trick a baby boomer into selling you their house in exchange for it.

There’s ultimately no right or wrong way to propose with an avocado, even if it comes towards the end of an 11-minute YouTube video.

So if you’ve found that person who’s save you from wallowing in a pit of loneliness and you want to hold onto them forever, go ahead and take the pit out (or not) of an avocado and stick that engagement ring inside. Just know that someone on the internet has already done it first.