It's not as depraved as the “Meat Mountain,” but close

Credit: Courtesy of Arby's

Arby’s, the chain that seemingly exists to pile meats on top of each other, isn’t going to take it easy on us in 2019. The place that claims to have the meats still seems hell-bent on elevating our cholesterol levels and shattering any plans for healthy eating in the new year.

Enter the Five Meat Mega Stack, which definitely gets credit for the bluntness of its branding. The five meats housed between two buns are pit-smoked ham, roast turkey, roast beef, buttermilk chicken, and pepper bacon, because just one pork product won’t cut it. It may not be as wild as the nine types of meat that make up an Arby’s “Meat Mountain," but it’s more than enough to sate your carnivorous desires

According to Arby’s, the Five Meat Mega Stack finds the Horsey Sauce purveyors nearing the logical endpoint for hungry meat eaters. “That's almost every meat we have all on one giant sandwich,” the sandwich’s description on their website reads. “We'd make a joke but we've already hit max character count.”

This behemoth approaches the max calorie count as well. A single Five Meat Mega Stack equals 900 calories, 420 of which are derived from fat. There’s 47 grams of fat, and over three full grams of sodium, which is probably a lot more than should be consumed in one sitting.

A limited-edition item, the 5 Meat Mega Stack is now available at participating locations nationwide. No word on whether or not it will be included in the Arby’s of the Month box, a six-month subscription service where for one payment of $25 grants access to “a mix of seasonal and sandwich-inspired lifestyle items” like bacon scarves and temporary sandwich tattoos. But meatheads can sure hope.