They have the meats, you have a heart attack
Credit: Courtesy Arby's

Arby’s: the sandwich chain that everyone has heard of, but few have been to. In an effort to fight back against their also-ran status in the fast food marketplace, Arby’s meat marketing strategy seems to be centered on a sandwich-based shock and awe campaign. In the latest such example they’re offering up a monstrous pile of meat that’s more of a challenge than a meal.

To create this frankensandwich, Arby’s fuses buttermilk fried chicken, Angus beef, and a 13-hour smoked brisket into a single artery-clogging offering. It’s named the “Bourbon BBQ Triple Stack,” because this is the kind of thing that someone with a conscious desire to contract gout would come up with after drinking a quart of Jack Daniel’s. Accessorized with brown sugar bacon, onion strings, cheddar cheese, mustard, Worcestershire, and bourbon BBQ sauce, the Triple Stack weighs in at a 65 grams of protein, 43 grams of fat, and 910 calories. You should probably sign a waiver before eating one and see a therapist about it afterwards.

For the more responsible meat-eater, you can order each of the three main ingredients as their own individual Bourbon BBQ sandwich. They’re the perfect way to prep before taking on the triple stack, or else just prove that you don’t need to eat 910 calories of meat to feel whole.

As absurd as it sounds, this beast somehow isn’t the most (literally) heart-stopping limited edition sandwich that Arby’s has cursed our waistlines with. The infamous “meat mountain” took the Triple Stack’s steak and brisket, also adding sliced turkey, chicken fingers, ham, and corned beef. Your LDL cholesterol count will skyrocket just from looking at the damn thing.

Are these meats on this particular limited edition triple stack any good? It’s too early to tell. But you’ve gotta hand it to them: when it comes to meats, Arby’s definitely has them.