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EC: Apple's iOS 10 Really Wants You to Use Breakfast Emoji
Credit: Illustration by Lauren Kolm

Words. They’re just so very daunting sometimes—especially early in the day when you’re simply trying to communicate your needs and wants to people who may be just as groggy as you. I need coffee. I want breakfast. I must have a doughnut or I shall perish from this earth. Apple understands that. They may not quite grok the anticipatory anxiety of having your headphones untethered from your device, only to be lost in the hungry maw of the cosmos, but typing in and reading, like, individual letters? The iOS 10 update has you covered, with emoji suggestions now offered up for an as-yet-undetermined list of words. Many breakfast-related terms are among them.

iPhone updates can be a pain in the huevos. Learning a whole unlocking routine (no more swiping!), being confronted with a whole new slew of notifications while you’re just trying to check your damn email, suddenly being bombarded with Honey Boo Boo GIFs (seriously, she’s the first suggestion on that screen)—it’s a little bit daunting. But typing in breakfast and having the egg-and-skillet emoji pop up as a possibility to replace it? That’s truly a small bit of kindness from the universe—or at least a programmer in Cupertino.

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Extra Crispy’s discoveries thus far:

The skillet and egg emoji is triggered by the words breakfast, eggs, skillet, frying pan, but bafflingly not brunch. Orange brings up an orange (as does tangerine—is that actually just a tangerine to begin with?), banana conjures a banana, bread gives rise to bread. Toast invokes two beers clinking, which, hey, we’ve all had those mornings. Milk produces a baby bottle.

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Amusingly, doughnut shows a doughnut emoji, but donut does not. Typing in tea gets you the ersatz coffee emoji, but green tea will order up that specific image. Apple, shockingly enough, displays the apple fruit and not the corporate logo. The coffee emoji can be summoned with coffee but perhaps if the company's user base campaigns vociferously enough, in iOS 11 perhaps it will manifest actual drone-delivered coffee at your fingertips—brewed, of course, in an iPot.