Drinking haunted in the neighborhood

Credit: Sanny11/Getty Images

Despite the shifting dining habits of those dang millennials, Applebee’s is still around and offering some approximation of positive dining in your local community. That doesn’t mean they’re having an easy time of it, though.

In an effort to woo wayward drinkers through their doors, Applebee’s will be offering a $1 “Zombie Cocktail” during the month of October. Part of the bar & grill’s “Neighborhood Drink of the Month” program, the electric blue beverage is a “scary-delicious combination of rum and pineapple, passion fruit, cherry and lime flavors” garnished with a gummy brain candy according to a press release.

Lest you give Applebee’s all the credit for such an ingenious and “infectious” Halloween cocktail, the chain notes that this is the first time their $1 cocktail of the month was created through crowdsourced input from customers. Applebee’s patrons apparently provided input on every element of the drink’s composition, but it’s unclear exactly how they solicited or compiled this data. Did the collection of divorced dads who spend too much time at their local Applebee’s all get together for a brainstorming session? Did an Applebee’s bartender let some 21 year old mess around on a particularly slow night? We just don’t know.

The Halloween-themed dollar cocktail promotion comes at a time when Applebee’s is hoping to turn things around . The chain has experienced negative sales per restaurant growth since 2016, and much has been made of how millennials (and liberals) are getting their dining experiences elsewhere. With more and more younger drinkers staying home to save money, the $1 drinks are an interesting gambit by Applebees to get butts in booths and on barstools.

The promotion will run through the month of October, providing ample opportunities to save on spooky, zombified beverages. But if certain insider info remains true, don’t expect it to be all that boozy. Still, there are certainly worse ways to get some cheap drinks in your system this Halloween while eatin’, uh, decently in the neighborhood.