Wait, things cost 500% more if you don't have a $1000 phone?

Credit: Photo courtesy of @dataandpolitics

If you happened to be wandering around San Francisco’s Castro District last week, you may have seen some pretty damn good deals… like a $5 Réveille coffee for just $1. But this deal came with a twist: You could only get it if you paid with Apple Pay. Otherwise, full price for you.

The promotion came to light thanks to Twitter user @dataandpolitics who noticed the Apple Pay deal at his local Café Réveille and posted a photo. “PEAK SAN FRANCISCO,” he labeled it, taking a jab at San Francisco’s tech-obsessed culture. “AKA consumer goods will cost you 500% more if you can’t afford a $1000 phone,” he added on a follow up tweet.

The image—which promises you can “pay faster with Apple Pay”—got a decent amount of traction, racking up over 100 retweets and garnering comments like “Almost choked on my avo toast” and “Hard to look at that and conclude capitalism was entirely a good idea.”

But for those interested in raging against the future, it’s important to know that an employee at Café Réveille confirmed by phone that the deal wasn’t the coffee shop’s idea. Instead, he said that he believed it was sponsored by Apple and the payment-processing company Square. Additionally, he said the concept wasn’t just tied to Réveille: “I think they were doing it at a lot of stores in the Castro,” he added.

Meanwhile, we also reached out to @dataandpolitics who said that though the promotion was running all of last week, as of today, the bargain coffee for Apple Pay users was gone. Sounds like your best bet for cheap coffee at this point is theft: Because the only thing faster than Apple Pay is not paying at all. Trademarked 2018.