It has cream cheese now!
Apple Realizes the Error of Its Ways, Gives Us the Bagel Emoji We Deserve
Credit: Philadelphia Cream Cheese

Peace and justice have been restored in emoji-land. Earlier this month, the internet got a first glimpse at Apple's new bagel emoji (part of their iOS 12 update), and to say it was disappointing would be an understatement. Bagel stans immediately took to Twitter to express outrage at the suspiciously bready, shiny depiction, which was conspicuously lacking in cream cheese—or even butter. The emoji came to symbolize all that was wrong with grocery store bagels, and the public demanded a do-over (with schmear). That's when Philadelphia Cream Cheese, sensing a prime opportunity for social media engagement, decided to step up and lead the charge.

On Twitter, Philadelphia posted a poll with the caption "We think a #BagelEmoji without cream cheese is a #SadBagel. What do you think?" It may not have been the most scientific gauge of public opinion, but 82 percent of the 13,000 people who voted said "Give me my cream cheese!" The brand also wrote up a petition, stating, "Apple and Unicode Consortium (a standards body) announced that they will be launching a bagel emoji. As bagel lovers, we rejoiced at this addition – until we realized we’ve been cheated.”

Well, it seems like Apple has taken that flood of complaints to heart. The folks over at Emojipedia, who keep close tabs on these things, noticed that the bagel has undergone a pretty dramatic makeover in the upcoming Apple update.

It looks significantly more realistic with its vaguely lumpy top half, unevenly browned crust, hand-cut edges, and, most importantly, its cream cheese topping. Philadephia celebrated the news with this festive Tweet.

It's nice to know that sometimes, if the internet makes enough of a fuss, and a large brand's entire social media team joins that fuss and starts a petition, then an even larger brand will be like, "okay, fine."

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