Photo by @theegghousenyc via Twitter

The Egg House tells the tale of Ellis, a young egg trying to make it in the big city

Rebecca Firkser
Updated: March 27, 2018

If you enjoyed bathing in the sprinkle pool at the Museum of Ice Cream, get ready to attend another food-related museum experience. Egg House, an egg-themed pop-up museum, will open its doors in New York City’s Lower East Side this April. According to the museum’s website, a group of graduated art, interior design, and marketing students from NYU, SVA, Parsons, and the Pratt Institute worked together to create an immersive and very colorful egg-themed space “where people can momentarily escape to and share the love of eggs.”

Not only is the pastel-toned Egg House an Instagram influencer’s dream landscape, the colorful space is hoping to tell a story. Their website tells the tale of a young egg named Ellis living in New York City. According to Egg House’s website, “as a new eggling arriving to New York City, Ellis hits the concrete jungle and visits the bright lights in Times Square.” Ellis the egg apparently also goes window shopping in Soho (like most of us young people in NYC, he’s on a budget) and journeys to the Upper East Side to check out the Met. Apparently Ellis doesn’t have a day job, which is probably why he can only afford to window shop, but “on nights and weekends, Ellis works at a modest restaurant to keep the big dream alive of becoming a part of something greater.” Egg House is quite lavish for the average nights-and-weekends worker, with a foyer, kitchen, garden, pool, and “secret room.” I guess it's safe to assume the space is rent-controlled.

Like the Museum of Ice Cream, Egg House isn’t just for admiring the surroundings. Egg sounds and oof, smells, are also apparently going to be a big part of the exhibition. There will also be a few egg-centric foods for sampling, provided by NYC’s Egg Shop and Eggloo.

Egg House will be open from April 7 to June 27, and tickets must be purchased ahead of time.

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