A new kind of boozy brunch
gin flavored yogurt
Credit: Photo by @RachelsOrganic via Twitter

There’s nothing weird about enjoying a yogurt parfait in between sips of a cocktail on a low-key morning. But would that breakfast be more enjoyable if the yogurt itself were alcoholic? UK yogurt brand Rachel’s was clearly asking the same question, because they recently launched their first boozy flavor, known as “Greek style Lemon & Gin.”

The gin-flavored yogurt is sold exclusively at the UK grocery store Sainsbury's, which was the first major retailer of Rachel’s yogurt. Rachel’s launched the lemon-gin yogurt to celebrate their 25th year of working with Sainsbury's.

Not only does the yogurt taste like gin, it actually is pretty alcoholic. According to Rachel’s website, one container of the Lemon & Gin contains 0.5 percent organic gin, which makes the yogurt 0.25 percent ABV. Considering that an average glass of red wine is about 12.5 percent ABV, it’s clear that this yogurt isn’t going to get you drunk as quickly as a real gin and tonic, but there’s definitely a chance it could if you ate enough of the stuff.

Shaking yogurt into cocktails for added body (like the more traditional frothy egg white method) has gained some attention recently, and we’re definitely not shy when it comes to diving headfirst into a pile of bourbon-soaked French toast or Negroni doughnuts. There’s something about gin-flavored yogurt, however, that gives me pause. On one hand, I can sort of see it being good—tangy Greek yogurt, sour lemon, woodsy gin; I’d probably be excited to drink it if these flavors were presented in cocktail-form. But the thought of scooping up a thick bite of alcohol seems too much for my early morning stomach. While I don’t think I’d eat gin yogurt before heading to work, one thing I can say for sure is that I’d definitely churn it into frozen yogurt for an afternoon snack.

Ultimately, I think someone should probably send me to London so I can swing by a Sainsbury’s and try Rachel’s gin yogurt myself.