Shots fired at 4th and Frankford in Lubbock
EC: A Wendy’s in Texas Is in an Amazing Sign War with the Tea Shop Next Door
Credit: Photo by Bloomberg via getty images

The assistant manager at Pure Water Tea Ice & Tea Company in Lubbock, Texas, has been trying to start a sign war with the Wendy’s across the street for a while now because, well, why not? It's a fine way to pass the time. Wendy’s resisted taking the bait until this month, when Pure Water’s Kyler Smith put up a sign offering free drinks to local football star Kliff Kingsbury. The Wendy’s manager, Santos Perez, finally responded with a sign that read, “Hey Kliff, hungry and thirsty? We got you.” Since then, to put it mildly, the situation has escalated, and shit is officially going down in Lubbock. It's a full-blown sign war. Things haven’t been this exciting at 4th and Frankford since, oh, probably never.

When Smith saw shots fired from Wendy’s he fired back:

Then Wendy’s was all:

So Pure Water was like, “Oh no they didn’t!”

And so on and so forth. Pure Water made fun of the square patties at Wendy’s:

Wendy’s fully owned it:

And came back with this beauty:

But Pure Water was unfazed:

When does the Wendy's sign war end? “Until one of us can't think of something," Smith told local TV station KBCD. "Til they stop I guess," Perez said. So the battle continues. Meanwhile, Twitter-using residents of Lubbock are thrilled, and the internet, as a result, has a front row seat to the action. Peace is possible, of course, but right now, conflict is way more fun.