Leave the waffles, take the money
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EC: A Serial Waffle House Robber Is on the Loose in Georgia 
Credit: Photo by Bloomberg via Getty Images

Is no place sacred? Waffle House may be humanity’s only reliable shelter from the planet’s storms, but this week it hasn’t been able to hold off a robber who police believe has recently stolen money at gunpoint from restaurants in Coweta, Fayette, and Clayton counties, south of Atlanta. On Monday, shortly after midnight, police said a man wearing all black and a skull mask entered a Waffle House in Fayetteville, took out a gun, and demanded cash from the register. He put the money in his pockets, and also grabbed a wallet from a customer before leaving. The next morning just after 1 a.m., at another location in Fayetteville, another Waffle House robber also wearing a mask showed a gun, took money from the register, and put it in a plastic bag. Fayetteville Police Department spokesman Lt. Mike Whitlow believes the incidents might be connected to a string of robberies at Waffle House restaurants in the Atlanta metro area in the last few months.

In nearby Coweta County earlier this month, two men, one of whom was wearing a mask, stole $367 from a Waffle House on Georgia Highway 154 near Interstate 85 and jumped into a getaway car. That week, Waffle Houses were robbed in Fairburn and Jonesboro, and the same Coweta Waffle House had just been robbed by a lone masked gunman in September. In Jonesboro, Whitlow said, a Waffle House was also robbed on Tuesday.

No one has been injured in the Waffle House robberies, but Whitlow is worried that at some point things could get ugly, especially if a customer in the restaurant also happens to be armed. “Eventually this is going to escalate, and somebody’s going to end up getting hurt,” Whitlow told Channel 2 Action News.