Master the Spanish classic
EC: A Potato Chip Spanish Omelet Recipe from One of the Best Chefs in the World
Credit: Photo by Alex Tepper

Do you love putting potato chips in your food but want to feel like less of a dirtbag when you do it? Make this omelet recipe by Ferran Adria, who was the head chef at El Bulli in Spain, which basically everyone considered to be the greatest restaurant in the world when it was open.

This is kind of like if Jacques Pepin took Ally Sheedy’s Pixy Stix-and-Cap’n Crunch sandwich from The Breakfast Club and re-made it into a delicious canapé. The snack is based on the Spanish dish tortillas de patata, a.k.a. baked potato omelet, but uses crushed up chips (Lay’s is fine) instead of fried potatoes. Don’t have piquillo peppers? No problem. Sub in roasted red peppers.