Prosecution also alleges that cyanide-laced orange juice played a role

By Tim Nelson
Updated February 13, 2018
EC: A Poisoned Avocado Smoothie Is Part of an Australian Murder Trial
Credit: Foxys_forest_manufacture via Getty Images

Avocado smoothies are a delicious, drinkable way to fill up on the fat and nutrients that everyone’s favorite mortgage-inhibiting toast spread has to offer. But in a case currently being tried in Australia, a poisoned avocado smoothie may have ended up serving as a precursor to murder.

According to The Herald Sun, prosecutors allege that in October, 2015, Arun Kamalasanan snuck into the Epping, Victoria home shared by Sam Abraham and Sofia Sam, surreptitiously putting sleeping pills in Mr. Abraham’s avocado smoothie. Kamalasanan then mixed potassium cyanide powder into orange juice, pouring it down Abraham’s throat as he slept and fatally poisoning him.

Though Abraham’s cause of death was initially declared a heart attack, a subsequent toxicology report indicating elevated levels of cyanide led authorities to suspect foul play. Over time, investigators uncovered evidence linking Kamalasanan and Sofia Sam, including a hidden joint bank account (which was used to send money back to Sam’s relatives in India, and secret mobile phones that the two used to call each other.

While Sofia Sam may not have directly laced the avocado smoothie in question, the prosecution alleges that she surely was at least complicit in the scheme given that she was asleep next to her husband while the involuntary orange juice poisoning took place. “Even if she did not administer the poison herself, she must have known and been complicit in what was going on,” Prosecutor Keri Judd, QC said.

The trial is still ongoing, with no current timeline for a jury verdict. But let this be a lesson to be careful next time you go to take a sip of a blended, trendy beverage.