Catch up on your sleep at Siesta & Go

By Elizabeth King
Updated February 13, 2018
Credit: Courtesy Siesta & Go

Residents of Spain and those who have traveled there know that the midday nap known as a siesta is an important part of a typical day and a nice break from work, that is: if you can find a good place to take a nap. But now the issue of where to take a siesta is solved, thanks to a newly opened “nap bar” in Madrid, the nation’s capitol. The bar is the first of its kind in Spain, and is essentially a napping center Siesta & Go. The company caters to people who are eager to snooze during the afternoon and have the dough to pay for a private, quiet nap room.

According to the Siesta & Go website, the nap bar is located in Nuevos Ministerios, the financial center of Madrid. The building’s quiet, dark rooms are ideal for anyone whose job is too far away from home to be able to head to their own bedroom at siesta time, offering space to sleep, study, stretch tense muscles, or just sit there and stare at the ceiling. Siesta & Go also offers free wifi, newspapers, and there’s an option to rent time in a shared room as well (group nap, anyone?).

The cost of napping at Siesta & Go isn’t super cheap, however, so would-be nappers should be prepared to pay up. According to Lonely Planet, clients have the option to rent private by the minute or hour at a rate of €12 and €14 (that’s $13.70 to $16). A package for 20 hours of siesta time costs €240, or about $274. Time in shared rooms is cheaper, running €8-10 per hour (about $9 to $11) or €160 (around $182) for 20 hours.

If the nap center is as popular in Madrid as it has been in places like New York, London, and Tokyo, Siesta & Go will probably be around for many siestas to come.