This is just the latest of several similar lawsuits this year
denny's coffee cup
Credit: Photo by Victor J. Blue/Bloomberg via Getty Images

Just last month, a Muslim family claimed that bacon was intentionally added to their sandwiches when they visited a McDonald’s chain. Now, a 30-year-old Jewish woman is suing Denny's after the chain served her bacon in an omelet that wasn't supposed to have any meat. The Detroit Free Press reports that attorney Majed Moughni filed a lawsuit on behalf of Angela Montgomery, from Sterling Heights, Michigan. Montgomery discovered bacon in her vegetarian omelet that she ordered at a Denny's establishment in her city.

According to the lawsuit, Montgomery is "a practicing Jew...whose religion forbids the eating of any pork product." However, on August 25th, Montgomery's "loaded veggie omelet"--which is not supposed to contain meat of any kind—allegedly had bacon in it. Reportedly, Montgomery noticed an odd taste in the omelet after a few bites, and when she cut into it, she discovered bacon within.

Montgomery said that the waitress and the manager apologized, explaining that in their kitchen, the bacon container is next to the containers for the vegetables, which led to the mistake. They also offered to make Montgomery another omelet and deduct the price from her bill, but Montgomery refused, saying her appetite was ruined. "Why would you have the bacon next to the vegetables?" Montgomery said she responded. "Don't you know how many people don't eat pork?"

Montgomery added to the Free Press that a pig is "an abominable food.” "It's like the most vile, disgusting creature on planet Earth that's not supposed to go in your body, and I ate it,” she said. “To me, that's a poisoning. I was poisoned."

Moughni, Montgomery's lawyer, filed a lawsuit just weeks prior on behalf of a Muslim couple in the same area, who were served bacon within a KFC cheese sandwich. "You can't allow this practice to continue, whether you're Muslim or Jewish, and you walk into an establishment and they don't care about what they are serving," she told the Free Press.