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EC: A Giant Eggs-and-Bacon-Themed Skatepark Might Be Coming to Washington
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The only thing better than a classic breakfast of fried eggs and bacon is a classic breakfast of fried eggs and bacon on a massive scale. And that’s just one what one man is attempting to cook up in Washington: the world’s largest fried eggs and bacon. The catch? The bacon and eggs aren’t real food that will be fried and served, but rather the inspiration behind an epic, breakfast-themed design for a local skate park. John Hillding, the 73-year-old man from Wilkeson, Washington who dreamed up this idea, is now raising the funds to make this breakfast skatepark a reality.

According to local paper the News Tribune, Hillding has already raised $10,000 of the $30,000 he needs to build the park. Plans for the park include two slabs of “bacon” and two “fried eggs” along with a giant spatula, all inside a giant frying pan. Skaters will be able to ride, grind, and ollie on the waves of bacon and peaks of the eggs, fly down the spatula, and grind on the walls of the pan. Sounds like a ton of fun that will definitely send skaters home hungry for breakfast.

Hillding tells the News Tribune that his son is an avid skateboarder, and he was inspired to create his eggs and bacon park after seeing a piece of wavy track at another skate park. The track reminded him of bacon, which set the wheels for the rest of his vision in motion.

Grindline Skateparks has been in the mix from the beginning, as it was one of Grindline’s parks that got Hillding thinking about his own park. James Klinedinst, project manager for Grindline helped Hillding design the park to make it as skater-friendly as possible, ensuring it will be functional as well as aesthetically unique. For Wilkenson, it’s not only about bacon and skating, it’s about giving back to his town. “This will be my legacy to the town of Wilkeson,” he tells the News Tribune.