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Note to criminals: Avoid police officers' favorite hangouts

Sammy Nickalls
June 12, 2017

Ok, so this sounds like a really bad movie trope, but it seriously happened. A particularly dumb criminal—51-year-old Stephen M. White—chose to rob a Boston Dunkin' Donuts the moment after a Boston police officer stepped out the door. According to a statement on the Boston Police Department’s website, the officer saw a man walk in and ask to use the restroom, and the employee behind the counter told him that they did not have one. The police officer—in full uniform, by the way—grabbed his order and walked back to his cop car. He hadn't even reached the car before a Dunkin' Donuts employee ran through the rear door yelling "He's robbing us! He's robbing us!"

The following scene was described by the BPD so glowingly and enthusiastically to the point where it sounds even more like a movie:

"The officer instinctively sprang into action (so quickly and with such abandon, in fact, that he dropped the coffee on the ground!) and responded to the front entrance. The officer took up a tactical position and maintained a visual on the suspect as the suspect picked up a brown paper bag and headed to the exit. The suspect walked out the door only to be greeted by the officer as he emerged from the doorway."

Inside the bag was several hundred dollars, and the officer arrested White, who was charged with unarmed robbery and threats to do bodily harm. Listen, don’t rob anything at all, but perhaps the true core moral of this story is this: don’t rob a doughnut store with a cop in it. 

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