My five tried-and-true brands

Rebecca Firkser
July 05, 2018

Coconut yogurt—dairy-free yogurt made from coconut, not coconut-flavored yogurt—is a bit of an enigma. Because there are so many different elements of the drupe (milk, cream, water, flesh), there are upteen different ways to mix it with probiotics and make a yogurt-like product. Some coconut yogurts are thick and luxurious, like whipped butter; others are thinner than low-fat plain yogurt. Like Goldilocks in the age of dairy-free foods, I’m always on the hunt for one that's just right. I’ve found that it’s ultimately come to this: there’s an ideal coconut yogurt for every mood.

When you want to get things moving: Coconut Cult

Made from coconut meat, coconut water, and a probiotic blend so potent the yogurt is slightly fizzy, Coconut Cult is ideal for those who don’t want to take a probiotic pill, but perhaps want to give the ol’ GI tract a bit of a push. Since it’s so very potent, I eat Coconut Cult by the spoonful twice a day as opposed to by the bowlful. I might also spread a little scoop on a pre-workout fruit-and-nut bite.


When you want a Greek yogurt substitute: The Coconut Collaborative

Made from coconut milk (coconut extract, coconut water, water), tapioca starch, potato starch, and probiotic cultures, The Coconut Collaborative is fluffy and thick. Like Greek yogurt, I love eating The Coconut Collaborative with berries and nuts because it’s thick enough to keep me feeling satiated, but not so thick it feels like a topping.

When you really just wanted ice cream: Coyo

Made from coconut cream (coconut extract, water), tapioca, pectin, and probiotic cultures, Coyo is so super-thick and creamy, it’s like if you scooped the cream off a can of coconut milk and called it breakfast. In my opinion, Coyo is best when treated like a topping—I’ll do a spoonful on overnight oats, chia pudding, or a stack of pancakes, like a dollop of super-thick whipped cream.

When you want classic plain yogurt: So Delicious

Made from coconut milk (water, coconut cream), rice starch, pectin, locust bean gum, probiotic cultures, and a few preservatives, So Delicious coconut yogurt is thinner than most other coconut yogurts, like a classic runny yogurt. This is the coconut yogurt I’d use in a smoothie. A fourth cup of So Delicious in frozen fruit and milk brings creaminess without too much added flavor.

When you wish you could eat a bowl of whipped cream: Anita’s

Made from coconut milk (coconut, water), coconut water, and probiotic cultures, Anita’s is another fluffy coconut yogurt that works just as well as a topping for smoothies and porridge as it does in a bowl, like Coconut Collaborative. It’s especially perfect for layering into parfaits with lemon curd and fresh berries.

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