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We’re in love with frankenfoods. Our hearts basically beat to the tune of brunch baked ziti cooking in the oven. And you’re probably right there with us. I mean, cereal cocktails? Pancake sushi? Yes, please. Unsurprisingly, bacon is the star of many frankenfoods. Some people are crazy enough to wrap burritos with bacon. For others, bacon is a lifestyle. (Just ask Scott, our Bacon Critic.) This means that a bacon lattice pie is an absolute must—no matter how ridiculous it seems. A traditional lattice pie is made with woven strips of pie dough. But in our neck of the woods, the perfect lattice is made with strips of bacon. This glorious creation can top off a breakfast dish like a quiche or egg custard pie. Better yet, it can upgrade a pie with apple or sweet potato filling.

Don’t let the idea of a bacon pie scare you. It is simpler than it looks—no fancy shmancy skills needed here. Just follow this step-by-step tutorial to make one at home. 

Bacon Lattice Pie

Pre-heat the oven to 425 F. Line a baking sheet with aluminum foil. (These pictures were taken without foil for photography purposes, but were transferred later on.)

Lay six strips of bacon side by side horizontally. Fold every other strip halfway.

Vertically place another strip of bacon across the unfolded strips. Keep it close to the folds. 

Unfold each strip, right over the vertical one you just added.

Fold up the horizontal strips that you skipped in Step 2. Add another vertical strip.

Bring the horizontal strips back over. Repeat the technique to add the outermost vertical piece.

Repeat on the other side until you’ve got a beautiful square of weaved bacon. Make sure the weave is tight; spaces are a no-no.

Bake for 15 to 20 minutes. It should be cooked and brown, but not crispy. Set aside to cool.

Make a pie or quiche of your choice, adjusting the oven as needed. Remember, this can be anything your heart (or stomach) desires. Bake it according to the recipe’s directions, but take it out 15 minutes before you’re supposed to.

Here’s where the magic happens. Place the bacon lattice on top of the pie. You can trim it with scissors so that it fits perfectly. Bake for another 15 minutes or until the bacon is crispy and the filling is cooked. Congratulations, you just won breakfast.

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