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EC: 9 Ways to Eat Avocados Beyond Putting Them on Toast
Credit: Photo by Alex Tepper

What food have you heard too much about today? I'll answer that for you: avocado toast! The breakfast food made famous by Australians and Instagram is everywhere—Extra Crispy included. But you can eat avocados for breakfast in so many ways aside from smearing it on toast. Promise. The green fruit is neutral territory—and you can project whatever breakfast dreams you dream onto it. Avocados are smooth and creamy enough for smoothies, and they're hearty enough to fry. You can make them sweet; you can make them salty. They can be super healthy, and they can be super unhealthy. Avocados can cure a hangover, just as quickly as they can fuel you up for a hike (or, you know, a long day of staring into a computer screen).

Avocado is too good to relegated to a life of dry bread and maybe some red pepper flakes and olive oil (if you're lucky), and I think it might be our duty as breakfast lovers to elevate it to greater heights. It's earned it. You can check out some of those ideas below.

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Credit: Photo By Teresa Sabga

This is the breakfast frankensandwich you deserve.

EC: Brussels Sprouts Breakfast Tostadas Recipe
Credit: Photo by Jack Mathews

In this healthy take on tostadas, avocados take on the role of refried beans with aplomb.

EC: An Avocado Eggs Benedict Recipe Straight from Napa Valley
Credit: Photo courtesy of The girl & the fig

Between the rosti, shrimp, and avocado, you won't miss the ham at all.

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Credit: Photo courtesy of wise sons

In this Passover-friendly chilaquiles recipe, diced avocados add some textural flare.

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Credit: Photo by Alex Tepper

I know it seems crazy, but trust us on this one.

EC: Make This Feta and Pea Tendril Omelet and Seize the Season
Credit: Photo by Jack Mathews

Between the pea tendrils, avocado, and feta, this omelet is basically spring on a plate.

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Credit: Photo by Alex tepper

Banana bread is so last year.

EC: A Sweet Potato Burrito Packs Your Morning with Power
Credit: Photos by Gabriele Stabile / Courtesy of Clarkson Potter

Sweet potato + black beans + avocado = a breakfast burrito that packs a punch.

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Credit: Photo by Kirsten Nunez

These fries boast a sweet-salty combo that basically requires an excellent dip. (May we recommend spicy mayo?)