It’s the breakfast party of the cennnnnnturyyyy
EC: 9 Reasons to Go to Extra Crispy’s The BreakFestival This Weekend
Credit: Illustration by Lauren Kolm

Hey New York, what are you doing this weekend? Sitting around the house, wishing there was a festival that could satisfy your breakfast obsession? Or looking for a pageant to enter, perhaps? We thought so. As you’ve definitely seen by now, we’ve teamed up with Jimmy Carbone of CookoutNYC, Food Karma Projects, and Jimmy's No. 43 to throw the most banging breakfast party of the year (or the decade… or your lifetime!) called The BreakFestival. It’s going down in Manhattan this Saturday and Sunday, September 3rd and 4th, with four sessions filled with food, drink, contests, live music, good friends, party people, merriment, and a damn fine view across the East River. You can get all the details and buy tickets here.

If you’re still on the fence about going, prepare to be pushed over the proverbial Fence of Indecision. Here are nine reasons you should go to The BreakFestival and party like the breakfast-loving maniac you are or aspire to be.

9. All-You-Can-Drink Bloody Marys, Beer, Cocktails, and Cider

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Credit: photo by rob kim via getty images

Enough said. Partners include Six Point, Virtue Cider, Union Beer, Drambuie with Chameleon cold brew, Owl’s Brew tea cocktails, Murph’s Bloody Marys, and other bespoke cocktails.

8. All-You-Can-Eat Breakfast Food

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Credit: photo by roberto machado noa via getty images

There will be an ungodly amount of bacon, bagels French toast, bialys, breakfast sandwiches, breakfast dosas, porridge, Cuban-Chinese eggs Benedict, pudding, tater tots, assorted breakfast meats, chicken biscuits, croissants, Hawaiian guava pancakes, breakfast food on a stick, arepas, and much more. It’s all included in the price of a ticket. Check out the complete list of vendors and session times.

7. Justin Warner and Robyn Lawley Are Judging Two Contests

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Credit: JUSTIN PHOTO BY RALPH NOTARO VIA GETTY IMAGES, Robyn photo by Taylor Ballantyne

Australian model Robyn Lawley and Food Network star Justin Warner will be judging the no-hands French toast-eating contest (Saturday at 4 p.m.) and the egg toss (Saturday at 8 p.m.). Justin is the father of the Inception Omelet and Potsticker Huevos Rancheros—and a very tough but fair eating-contest judge.

6. Our Bacon Critic and Britt Maren Are Judging a Bacon-Eating Contest

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Credit: Britt Photo courtesy of Britt Maren, Scott photo by ashley merin photography

The no-hands bacon-eating contest (Sunday at 4 p.m.) will be judged by Extra Crispy Bacon Critic Scott Gold and model Britt Maren. If you’re going to furiously eat bacon on stage in front of people, it really should be overseen by professionals.

5. We’re Roasting Whole Hogs

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Credit: photo by photofusion via getty images

The Saturday and Sunday night sessions (6 to 9 p.m.) will be blessed with a whole hog roast. Get there early and go straight for the face.

4. Live Music by Hudson Horns

The excellent brass band Hudson Horns will be playing all four sessions, all day and into the night. There’s been talk of a second line.

3. The View’s Not Bad

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Credit: photo by ben hider via getty images

Want to take in a beautiful view with your bloody mary? The BreakFestival is happening near the East River at 23rd Street. No guarantees, but seaplanes tend to land on the river right there, and, you know, that’s fun.

2. Get Outside One Last Time This Summer

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Credit: photo by george rose via getty images

While some people are in the “summer’s over on September 21st” camp, we all know it’s basically donezo after Labor Day. Equinox, schmequinox. Come drink a bloody mary and eat some pig while the sun sets before PSL season kicks in.

1. Win the Coveted BreakFestival Sash and Crown

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Credit: photo by scott barbour via getty images

The winners of the Breakfast Pageant will receive a dazzling sash and crown. Enter the pageant here and start planning a short breakfast-related performance that will impress the Official BreakFestival Pageant Judge (a.k.a. Bacon Critic Scott Gold). The sash is very cool, we promise.