Help them fake it till they make it
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EC: 9 Gifts for the Person Who Can't Cook
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Lend a helping hand and gift the novice chef in your life with some useful kitchen tools. Well—"tools" might be a bit generous. The 10 finds below will get them out of microwave dinners and into a hot meal in no time—or at least help them look cool doing it. And imagine how great it will feel when, next time, they gift you with the delicious results. Bon appetit!

Forego the long wait for an oven-baked potato. Instead, drop it likes it’s hot—in the microwave. Cook up to four medium potatoes in the Microwavable Potato Cooker. Base prongs both pierce and hold your spuds in place as they cook in as little as four minutes.

Progressive International Microwavable Potato Cooker with Lid, $19.99,

Learn mad knife skills from the experts at kitchen retailer Sur La Table. Cooking class topics also include how to make Thai favorites, holiday pies, flavorful soups, and sushi. This is one classroom that’s worth its weight in culinary gold.

Sur La Table Cooking Classes, prices vary,

Burnt toast begone. Turn a morning mishap into a morning delight with the Clear View Toaster. Glass windows let you see your bread as it browns, guaranteeing it’s cooked to perfection. And here you have it. The best thing since sliced bread.

Clear View Toaster, $47.49,

When all else fails, order take-out. There’s plenty of room to store all your menus in one place with this menu organizer box, which measures 3" deep. Save yourself the hassle of cooking up a family meal and dial for help instead.

Fork It Let's Get Takeout Menu Holder, $21.99,

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Can’t even boil an egg in water? No problem. The Egg Boiler has got you covered. Place up to four eggs in this egg-shaped plastic container, and then zap it in a microwave for hard or soft-boiled eggs in 10 minutes or less.

Nordic Ware Microwave Egg Boiler, $9.77,

You don’t have to be a top chef to be a good cook. Die-hard vegetarians and meat eaters alike will enjoy this easy-to-follow guide, chock full of easy ways to fix a meal that everyone will love.

Cooking Basics for Dummies Cookbook, $7.14,

It’s best to know your limits. A membership to Blue Apron means taking the guesswork out of knowing which ingredients, and how much of each, you need to whip up delicious dishes in exactly the right proportions. Leftovers for breakfast?

Blue Apron subscription, prices vary,

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This super appliance boasts eight features allowing you to boil, grill, fry, steam, fondue, roast, stew, and warm your food with minimal prep time. What more could you ask for?

Gourmia 8-in-1 Digital Mult-Function Cooker, $69.99,

Even if you can’t cook, you can at least look like you do. Don this apron clad with the phrase, “Who says I can’t cook?” and fake it until you make it.

Who Says I Can't Cook? Apron, $21.10, <em></em>