If you have a loved one who always makes time for breakfast, these gifts are for you
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EC: 9 Gifts for the Mom Who Loves Breakfast
Credit: Image Courtesy Hamilton Beach Via Amazon

No one understands the importance of a good breakfast more than a parent. The original champions of nutrition, mothers never let us go hungry, even if that means taking a banana just in case you change your mind later. So with the holiday season approaching, we’ve compiled gift recommendations to equip your dear mother—or aunt or sister or parent who just loves to cook—with the tools to definitively make breakfast the most essential meal of the day. Trust us, your family will thank you.

A Way to Make Scrambled Eggs Even Easier

Cracking eggs is an imperfect science, but now you can say goodbye to the mess and hassle of bobbing for shells. All the pesky travails of egg cookery are eliminated with this handy bowl that cleanly cracks shells with a recessed blade, and includes a rubber base and ergonomic handle for no-slide, easy whisking.

Crackpot, $13.00, Fusion Brands

The Least Messy Way to Make Two Breakfast Sandwiches At Once

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Credit: Photo Courtesy Hamilton Beach via Amazon

Mornings are busy for mom, so help her multitask with this dual sandwich maker. All ingredients can be thrown in simultaneously and left to melt, cook, and fry on their own in just a few minutes, freeing up time to get everyone out of bed, pack lunches, and maybe even enjoy a few sips of coffee.

Hamilton Beach Dual Breakfast Sandwich Maker, $39.99, Bed Bath & Beyond

Some Breakfast-Inspired Nutrition for Their Skin

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Credit: Photo courtesy uncommon goods

The nutritional value of a balanced breakfast is undeniable, so it would make sense that these foods can benefit more than just your morning cravings. Using key ingredients like coffee, oatmeal, honey, and yogurt, Heather Swanepoel created facial masks that rejuvenate and refresh your skin. This three mask set moisturizes, exfoliates, and autoxidizes skin with the natural exfoliates in coffee, soothing properties of oatmeal, and anti-aging lactic acids in yogurt.

Breakfast for Your Face Powder Masks, $35.00, Uncommon Goods

A Tea Set for Fancy Days

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Credit: Photo courtesy bed Bath & Beyond

A cup of tea is a lovely way to start the day, but rather than pulling a random mug from the cupboard, give the event a sense of decorum with a matching teacup and saucer. We recommend a classic set from Royal Albert’s English bone china, characterized by their floral patterns and feminine touches, to truly making morning tea time an occasion to savor.

Royal Albert Tea Cup, $19.99, Bed Bath & Beyond; Royal Albert Saucer, $12.99, Bed Bath & Beyond

A Way to Keep Coffee Hot All Morning

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Credit: Image Courtesy Thermos via Amazon

For a mom-on-the-go, sitting down to drink a cup of coffee can be a luxury. Improve her early morning commute with this insulated travel mug that keeps beverages warm for hours on end. Not only will they get the warm fuzzies from your thoughtfulness, but she’ll literally feel it resonate through her with the first sip.

Thermos Stainless Steel Commuter Bottle, $29.33, Amazon

An In-Home Barista (Kind Of)

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Credit: Image Courtesy Ninja via amazon

Bring a gourmet experience into the home with a high-end coffee machine. This multi-use machine allows for either single-serve or carafe-style java that can be customized, served hot or cold, and frothed depending on what kind of pick me up is needed.

Ninja Coffee Bar Thermal Carafe System, $229.99, Amazon

The Best Way to Breakfast in Bed

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Credit: Image courtesy winsome via amazon

The height of luxury for a busy lady is breakfast in bed. Let her relax a bit longer with a freestanding breakfast tray she can feast off of while watching morning chat shows. Tray options vary in style and price, but we recommend something classic and utilitarian like wood For extra points you can even whip up a meal to serve with the gift.

Wood Benito Bed Tray with Foldable Legs, $21.60, Amazon

Everything You Need to Jam Out

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Credit: Image Courtesy Kilner via Bed Bath and Beyond

For a woman who’s crafty in the kitchen, this decorative canning set will add a touch of rustic charm to homemade culinary creations. As she makes preserves to last the winter, store the jams in style with kitschy ribbons and customizable labels that will put Martha Stewart to shame.

Kilner Twist Top Canning Jars Gift Set, $29.99, Bed Bath and Beyond

A Mimosa You Can Enjoy Anytime

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Credit: photo courtesy livebeautifullybody via etsy

Brunch cocktails may most often be enjoyed by millennials or at ladies-only get-togethers, but your hard-working parent deserves to indulge herself more often. Hydrate and protect those lips that once kissed you goodnight with these decadent flavored lip balms that include Sunday morning favorites like Peach Bellini and Orange Mimosa. The luxurious balms will go straight to her head!

Sparkling Wine Lip Balm, $12.00, Etsy