Eat your way around the world with these sauces
EC: 9 Condiments from Around the World That Will Spice Up Your Breakfast
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If you’re sick of Sriracha and find yourself in need of a new condiment that’ll upgrade an otherwise ordinary breakfast, start by looking abroad. There are plenty of international breakfast condiments to be discovered on grocery shelves across the globe, and these sauces will add an extra kick to your eggs, a new dimension to your omelette. Plus, trying out all these international condiments is an easy and low commitment way to experiment with new flavors and familiarize yourself with otherwise unfamiliar cuisines. So even if you don’t know how to cook Korean food, you can almost certainly figure out how to add Korean condiments to your breakfast and get a feel for the food and the flavors.

Now, not all of these condiments are traditionally used for breakfast, but rules are meant to be broken and if something tastes good on eggs or toast, then you should feel free to slather it on. And who knows? Your new favorite breakfast condiment might be on this list, hailing from a place you’ve never visited. So if you’re ready to travel around the world without ever leaving your kitchen, here are nine condiments from around the world that will spice up any breakfast.

Banana Sauce (Philippines)

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Banana sauce, also known as banana ketchup, is made from mashed bananas with sugar, vinegar, and some other spices.

Brown Sauce (United Kingdom)

Brown sauce, such as HP Sauce, is a critical condiment for a full English breakfast, but it’s delicious with any kind of eggs, even if you’re skipping the beans and bacon.

Currywurst Sauce (Germany)

If you want bit of German flair with your breakfast sandwich, add some curry powder to make currywurst sauce.

Dijon Mustard (France)

There are plenty of breakfast recipes to be made with Dijon mustard, from a breakfast sandwich to a strata.

Kalles Kaviar (Sweden)

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Swedish Kalles Kaviar comes in a distinctive blue tube, but the caviar itself is a gooey, pink and salty paste. The taste isn’t for everyone, but it’s a classic part of a Swedish breakfast.

Vegemite (Australia)

Spreading some Vegemite on a slice of toast makes for one of the most classic Australian breakfast dishes, if not meals.

Harissa (Tunisia)

This red hot pepper paste is a common ingredient in north African cuisine, and while harissa is great in shakshuka, it’s also delicious with scrambled eggs and an omelet.

Gochujang (South Korea)

Gochujang is a spicy fermented soybean paste that adds heat to any savory breakfast—from an omelette to a Korean breakfast pancake.

Hoisin Sauce (China)

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The origins of Chinese hoisin sauce might be opaque, but one thing that’s clear is that hoisin sauce is great for breakfast, like in a Chinese breakfast crêpe, called a jianbing.

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