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EC: 9 Breakfast Recipes Every College Student Should Know How to Make
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College is a time for exploration, for learning how to be independent and self-sufficient, for making mistakes. But one place where you shouldn’t have to make too many mistakes is in your dorm’s kitchen. There are certain recipes every college student should know, because being a poor college student doesn’t mean you have to eat exclusively dining hall slop. You also shouldn’t have to worry about what to make for breakfast in college every morning, because—let’s be real—you’ve got lots of other problems on your proverbial plate. That’s why it’s important to ship up to school with some easy breakfast recipes for college students in your repertoire.

These recipes don’t require expensive or complicated ingredients, and really, they’re not actually that difficult to pull off if you're willing to give them a shot. You don’t have to be a culinary wizard when you move into the dorm, but by the end of your four years, learning how to make breakfast in college is arguably just as important of a life skill as knowing how to do your laundry or hand in your assignments on time.

Mastering these nine easy breakfast recipes will set you up for success for the rest of your life, and really, isn’t that what college is all about?

Scrambled Eggs

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There are a surprising number of ways to scramble eggs—from spoonable to firm. But no matter what texture you prefer, the best scrambled eggs are fluffy and light, not dry at all, and learning how to properly whip up a platter is as crucial as passing English 101.


Omelets are versatile, and once you learn how to make and flip an omelet without browning it or breaking it, you can use it as a base for any leftovers or odds and ends that might be floating around your fridge. Got some leftover cheese? Put it in. Not enough spinach to make a whole salad but too much to throw out? Toss it in an omelet.


Sure, bacon seems like a no-brainer, but learning how to fry up some slices without burning it or splattering yourself with grease is a great skill to have. Also, there will inevitable come a time—like homecoming—when making a big batch of bacon for roommates and friends is a great idea, so try cooking the strips in the oven. Line a cookie sheet with aluminum foil first for easy clean-up.

Breakfast Wrap

A breakfast wrap is a versatile way to eat a hearty breakfast. It can be savory, like a breakfast burrito, or sweet, filled with fruit or seasoned like French toast.

Avocado Toast

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Avocado toast is another simple yet impressive breakfast to make in your dorm. Really, all you need is an avocado, some bread, and salt and red pepper. If you’re looking to get fancier, try squeezing some lemon slices on it. (You can steal those from the tea station at the dining hall, for what it’s worth.)


If you want to get ambitious with it, and you’re willing to gather up some ingredients, you can also make pancakes from scratch. But even if it comes straight from a box, knowing how and when to flip your pancakes without burning them to a crisp makes for an easy yet still very impressive breakfast.

Overnight Oats

You can make these overnight oats in a dorm room, because the only equipment you need is a refrigerator and a resealable jar. Prepare them the night before, and you'll have a hearty and healthy breakfast ready to go when you wake up for that 8 a.m. class.

French Toast

Chances are good that you’ll buy a loaf of bread at some point, and it’ll start to go stale before you can finish all of it. The solution is making French toast for breakfast. If you're making it for a big crowd, you can also bake it.


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If you haven’t mastered the art of making coffee by the time you go off to college, don’t worry. You’ll pick up that skill quickly, and by the end of your time at school, you'll have a master's in making the perfect pot of coffee in a variety of coffee makers, from the conventional drip to a French press. If all else fails, you can always make a cup of instant coffee.

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