If you're looking for free breakfast, you'll have to finish a 6,000 calorie omelet first
EC: 9 Breakfast Challenges Only the Strong of Stomach Will Survive
Credit: Photo by Flickr user helloturkeytoe

It began in 1916 in Coney Island. Hot dog stand Nathan’s Famous had a simple question: Who could eat the most hot dogs in a certain amount of time? And thus the world of organized, competitive eating began. Thanks to Nathan’s Famous, both professional eaters and novice foodies have been polishing off ungodly amounts of food and walking away with bragging rights, cash money, and free food for 100 years. And if it can be done with hot dogs, can it be done with breakfast? You bet. There are a whole host of diners, pubs, and mom and pop cafes willing to put breakfast lover’s to the ultimate test.

Anyone can finish off a short stack with a side of bacon in twenty minutes, but only a special few can prove their true devotion to breakfast with a little early morning breakfast challenge. If you are feeling especially hungry (or just looking to score a free breakfast), check out these nine breakfast challenges only the strong of stomach can survive.

Monster Mega Breakfast at the Corner Cafe

While a few brave diners have tried, no one has finished the Monster Mega Breakfast Challenge at the Corner Cafe in Portishead in the UK. Could you be the first? Six rashers of bacon, four servings of fried potatoes, two servings of beans and two three-egg omelets are just a few of the items used to construct this 8,000 calorie. Diners must finish the meal in under an hour, requiring a pace of 133 calories each minute. Before getting started, plan to sign a waiver releasing the cafe from liability. If you manage to finish this meal in under and hour, you will walk away with a free breakfast, a trophy, key ring and mostly importantly, bragging rights.

Ultimate Breakfast Challenge at Mo’s Family Restaurant

The Ultimate Breakfast Challenge is one of two challenges offered at Mo’s Family Restaurant in Oakville, Ontario. Eat this $25 dollar meal of three pancakes, three slices of french toast, three sausages, three slices of bacon, three slices of ham and three orders of hashbrowns in under 90 minutes and walk away without paying a cent. Still hungry? Check out Mo’s Scary Burger Challenge for lunch.

Hibernator Breakfast Challenge at Bear Grill’s Cafe

Prove just how strong your stomach is by challenging professional eater Randy Santel, who currently holds bragging rights for finishing the Hibernator Breakfast Challenge at the Bear Grill’s Cafe in Congleton, England in under 37 minutes. This $20 breakfast is built from seven pounds of food, including four fried eggs, eight rashers of bacon and four pieces of toast. If you can complete the hibernator breakfast in under an hour, your meal is comped and your name will be added to the cafe’s wall of fame. If you can power through breakfast and eat a strawberry scone for dessert, you will also be rewarded with naming rights and $100 dollars in cash.

The Pancake Challenge at the City Diner

Located in the River Market of Kansas City, the City Diner has been serving standard breakfast fare to patrons for 79 years. Step inside the diner and you will immediately see what sets this breakfast joint apart, photographs of Marilyn Monroe line the walls and are surrounded by the signatures of those who have successfully completed the diner’s pancake challenge. Finish two enormous pancakes, so big they hang over the sides of the plate, in less than an hour and you will become part of the diner’s history by leaving your signature on the wall. If this challenge isn’t enough to fill your stomach, drive a few miles to Succotash for a five pound burrito smothered in sausage gravy.

7 Pound Breakfast Challenge at Jack-n-Grill’s

If you find yourself in Denver, Colorado and you are up for a real challenge, stop by Jack-n-Grill’s and order this seven pound burrito loaded with eggs, hash browns, peppers, onions and cheese. The hungry few who can scarf down the foot long burrito in a single setting will be added to the restaurant's wall of fame and won’t pay a cent for their meal. Ladies who accomplish the feat will also be given free breakfast for life.

Iron Man Omelet Challenge at Broken Yolk Cafe

Only those with an iron stomach should attempt the Iron Man Omelet Challenge at Broken Yolk Cafe in La Quinta, California. Mushrooms, onions and cheese fill this twelve-egg omelet topped with chili and cheese and served with home fries and two biscuits. Anyone who manages to finish this 6.5 pound breakfast in less than an hour will get their breakfast for free, leave with a trophy t-shirt and their picture will be added to the cafe’s wall of fame.

Breakfast Sandwich Challenge at Hogan’s Sandwich Bar

This towering 4.5 pound breakfast sandwich is built out of toast, eggs, potatoes and meat and served with ample sides of beans and black pudding. Hogan’s Sandwich Bar, located in Kilmarnock, Scotland, challenges diners to finish this massive meal in under 40 minutes and rewards all winners with a free meal and $100 in cash. Currently, competitive eater Randy Santel holds the record for finishing up his breakfast sandwich in 24.31 minutes.

Big 70 Breakfast Challenge at Midway Truck Stop

Located just off of 1-70 in Columbia, Missouri, the Midway Truck Stop challenges passersby to finish off over six pounds of biscuits, sausage gravy, hash browns and bacon in under an hour. Whether you are a Columbia native or simply on the road and looking for a free meal, don’t pass by this truck stop without trying your best to polish off this enormous platter of breakfast.

Kidz Breakfast at Jester’s Diner

The nine pound Kidz Breakfast Challenge offered at the Jester’s Diner in Great Yarmouth, England, is no joke. Named because it weighs roughly as much as a small infant, this unbelievably huge meal is 6,000 calories of omelet, tomatoes, beans and other standard british breakfast food. Anyone who can swallow 100 calories a minute for 60 minutes will walk away with a full stomach at no cost.