A world without breakfast would really sock
EC: 8 Pairs of Breakfast-Themed Socks to Stuff Your Stockings With
Credit: Photo courtesy Amazon

In a perfect world, eggs and bacon would be an acceptable stocking stuffer. It’s cheap, simple, and can make a hungry person feel pretty darn merry. But in the interest of keeping holiday stockings grease-free, we’ll just have to depend on clever items that honor the most wonderful meal of the day. That’s where these quirky food and drink socks come in. Aside from brightening up a plain outfit, these food-themed gift ideas are both fun and functional. They treat cold feet to warmth and laughter—two essential things for winter survival.

Admittedly, the concept of hiding socks in stockings is a bit meta. But hey, why not keep up with the food-themed gifts? Trinkets like breakfast enamel pins are trendy and fun to collect. A subscription to a food magazine or tea club doubles as a recurring gift. Bags of coffee and tea is enough to make any breakfast fan swoon. And then there are coffee mugs, something that will always be put to good use.

If you’re not sure where to start, begin by choosing food-inspired accessory. This tactic is guaranteed to put a smile on a loved one’s face. After all, there is nothing more comforting than a pair of socks adorned with their favorite food.

Latte Socks

You aren't a real coffee snob until you start sipping fancy lattes in this quirky socks. Latte socks, $9.99 ModCloth

Lime Socks

From infused water to salsa, limes can instantly upgrade the most basic foods. Honor this small yet mighty fruit with a pair of lime-printed socks. Lime socks, $12, Happy Socks

Eggs and Sausage Socks

Whether you're getting ready for work or dealing with a hangover, this trippy eggs and sausage pair will cheer you right up. Eggs & Sausage Socks, $8, Living Royal

Eggs and Bacon Socks

Someone needs to get these for our Bacon Critic. Eggs & Bacon Socks, $10, Sock Smith

Avocado Socks

Avocado rules everything around us. And thanks to this playful pair, you can proclaim your love for this versatile breakfast ingredient. Avocado socks, $10, Sock Smith

Doughnut Socks

These vibrant socks pay homage to one of the best pastries in existence. Doughnut socks, $7.50, Sock Smith

Tea Socks

If you're all about chamomile, chai, and everything in between, these fancy high socks will be your cup of tea. Pun intended. Tea socks, $12.99, <em>ModCloth</em>

Pancake Socks

Whether you love instant pancake mix or would rather make your own batter, these socks will speak to every type of pancake eater out there. Pancake socks, $7.50, Joy of Socks