Safe for work, mostly
EC: 8 More Things You Can Draw on the McDonald's Holiday Cup
Credit: Illustrations by Jeremy Nguyen

Artist Jeremy Nguyen has been a friend of Extra Crispy since we launched. He's drawn Montreal smoked meat, cereal monsters, and this guy for us, among many other illustrations. Earlier this week, after the internet lost its mind over an NSFW doodle on McDonald's new holiday coffee cup, we asked Jeremy to cut loose on the cup and see what else he could draw, and he sent us these illustrations. Unlike the original and this awful interpretation, they are totally wholesome and safe for work—for the most part. Enjoy!

Santa Claus

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A Kiss

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Two Guys Wearing a Book Hat

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Angry Dude

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The original hands spreading the butt cheeks, next to a reverse view of someone sniffing that butthole

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