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EC: 8 Great Gifts for Beer Lovers
Credit: Photo courtesy of Coolie Junction

If there's ever a time of year when day-drinking is normalized—if not encouraged—it's the holidays. Not only is a beer or two a great way to take the edge off seeing so much family in such a small amount of time, knowing someone with a passion for pilsners can allow you to deliver some of the best gifts for the beer lover in your life, without having to stress all that much. Beer geeks are usually a pretty easygoing bunch, anyway. But what are the best gifts to give the day-drinker in your sphere? Depends on your angle. You can go kooky and tacky, or highbrow and sciencey. Depends on what your level of commitment is to the friendship, as well as how much beer you want to drink with them. After all, the best gifts are the ones from which you also benefit.

This roundup of the best gifts for beer lovers covers it all, including everything from shower beer caddies (for those difficult mornings) to beer-infused caramels that go well with waffles (or taste great straight out of the fridge when you've already had a few breakfast stouts). Pop it open.

BUILT NY Six Pack Tote

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Credit: photo Courtesy of built ny 

The most daunting part of bringing a six-pack to a party is the risk that the flimsy cardboard container could break before you get through the front door. And let's face it—that fear isn't irrational. How many of us can say we never lost a sacrificial bottle of beer due to a six-pack failure? This handy neoprene tote eliminates the risk of showing up with an unexpected five-pack, in addition to keeping your beverages cool during the journey. This one is a must-buy for any person in your life who insists on bringing a sixer of good stuff to a party.

BUILT NY Six Pack Tote, $19.99-$24.99,

Shakoolie Shower Beer Can Cooler

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Credit: photo courtesy of shakoolie

Science shows that there is no better way to begin your day than with a shower beer. Ok, maybe I just hallucinated that during my morning shower, but it certainly feels like a shower beer makes any shower 300 percent more fun. But what is one to do when a cold, aluminum can meets the warm loving embrace of a hot shower? Enter: the Shakoolie—a beer koozy made just for the shower. The Shakoolie beer can cooler sticks to the wall, allowing for hands-free operation, and can be stuck just about anywhere in your shower or bath (if you're luxurious like that). Plus, the Shakoolie allows you to keep your beer away from water, soap, and your roommate's grimy old loofah.

Shakoolie Shower Beer Can Holder, $9.97,

ManCan Mini-Keg Growler

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Credit: photo courtesy of mancan

Don't let the name dissuade you, the ManCan is made to please the beer lover in your life, irrespective of gender. This clever product is a fridge-sized keg that helps keep draft beer fresh by pumping CO2 through a refillable chamber, creating brewery-fresh brews for as long as it is full. Just bring it to the taproom or beer distributor, fill your ManCan, and enjoy. Best of all, the ManCan Mini-Keg works for homebrewers as well, which means that your investment in this growler could soon pay for itself in all the free beer you'll enjoy that may or may not have been brewed in a spare closet. The ManCan practically pays for itself, and if you're reading this, Santa Claus, please note that it fits conveniently underneath my tree. I measured.

ManCan Mini-Keg Growler, $49.99-$159.99,

Boujie Baking Co. Beer Kissed Caramel Sauce

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Credit: Photo courtesy of boujie baking co.

Sometimes the best way to consume beer with breakfast isn't by way of a pint glass. Hard as that might be to believe, there are other ways to enjoy a brew before noon, and the best of which might just be through blending beer and caramel together. That's where Boujie Baking Co.'s Beer Kissed caramel sauces come into play. Their three sauces combine the sweet, floral qualities of a few popular ale styles with the indulgence of caramel. Beer Kissed Caramel Sauce is a perfect complement to waffles, pancakes, or other sweet breakfast treats. It also pairs well with midnight trips to the refrigerator with a spoon.

Boujie Baking Co. Beer Kissed Caramel Sauce, $7.00-$28.,

Umbra Shift Roll Bottle Opener

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Credit: photo courtesy of umbra shift

We live in a world where beer has finally gotten the same amount of respect as wine, but few beer accessories seem to tap into the design and form factor seen in wine gadgetry. Even though beer has evolved past bland pilsners and uninspired ales, bottle opener design hasn't progressed all that much. That is, until Umbra's cutting-edge design studio, Umbra Shift, entered the fray. Now, the company offers a wide array of design-conscious bottle openers that wouldn't be out of place in a Kinfolk photoshoot.

Umbra Shift Roll Bottle Opener, $30.00,

Growler On Board In-Car Growler Carrier

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Credit: photo courtesy of growler on board

You've got to protect precious cargo when you're driving. That's just as true for children as it is for growlers of beer (let's get real). Both are built to spill, and you want to protect your precious cargo. Behold Growler on Board—the growler carseat. This nifty little number allows you to buckle in your babies to sit comfortably in the car without rolling around or busting open. It can also be set up in the trunk of a car, since its wide base keeps growlers upright and happy. Just don't try to pass it off as a second passenger so you can drive in the carpool lane.

Growler On Board In-Car Growler Carrier, $29.95,

Christmas Sweater Beer Coolie

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Credit: photo courtesy of coolie junction

Ugly Christmas sweaters—they're not just for you to wear ironically at holiday parties anymore! Now your beer can be ugly too, courtesy of Coolie Junction's Christmas sweater beer koozie. This nifty little beer jacket is made for both cans and bottles, making it a hit for any party you might be attending in which holiday cheer is consumed 12 ounces at a time.

Christmas Sweater Beer Coolie, $7.24,

Shmaltz Funky Jewbilation Bottle Opener

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Credit: photo courtesy of shmaltz brewing company

December isn't all about Christmas, and it's all too rare that Jewish beer lovers get gifts that are uniquely their own during the holidays. So leave it to the Shmaltz Brewing Company to think about their fellow chosen people by devising a clever little bottle opener, perfect for the first few nights of Hanukkah. This Star of David-emblazoned bottle opener helps you keep it 100% when you're celebrating the Festival of Lights. Pair it with a Hanukkah Beer, a Jewbilation 20, or a Schtick in a Box for maximum kosher satisfaction.

Shmaltz Funky Jewbilation Bottle Opener, $8.00,