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Even the most ferocious carnivores can't say no to these delicious vegan breakfast dishes

Kate Welsh
February 07, 2018

The recently released investigative documentary What the Health tackles what "the nation's leading health organizations" don't want us to know about preventing chronic diseases, and in doing so, comes down staunchly in favor of a vegan diet. While it may not be the cure-all the filmmakers make it out to be, it's no secret that veganism is great for the environment and—if done correctly—can be good for your health as well.  

Thanks to the creativity and brains of a host of chefs and home cooks, a vegan diet doesn't mean you have to stick only to bland tofu and the salad bar anymore. People have discovered a huge number of tasty replacements for cheese, eggs, and even bacon. 

If you're eager to jump on the vegan train, we've rounded up a few recipes that will help ease the transition—and they won't offend the carnivores you love either. 

1. Egg McMuffin

Photo by Alex Tepper

This vegan breakfast sandwich takes inspiration from McDonald's Egg McMuffin. The secret ingredient? A special salt called kala namak that imparts an egg-like flavor. 

2. Chickpea Omelet

Photo by Katyenka via Getty Images

It turns out you can make an omelet without breaking eggs. This omelet uses chickpea flour and chickpea water to give an egg-like texture to this totally vegan dish. 

3. Cashew Yogurt

Photo by Evi Abeler

This recipe combines cashews and coconut milk for a super creamy, protein-packed yogurt. Topped with raspberries, it's a dreamy, healthy way to start your day. 

4. French Toast

Photo by Caroline Lange

You thought that French toast required milk and eggs, right? Think again. Chia seeds and flax seeds can moonlight as eggs, giving your toast that custardy quality you want. 

5. Jackfruit Bacon

PHoto by Daniel Agee

Due to the magic of liquid smoke and the perfect spice blend, jackfruit is a pretty convincing dupe for bacon. I know, we couldn't believe it either. 

6. Crepes

Photo by David Loftus

These crepes aren't only vegan—they're gluten-free, too. They can swing sweet or savory, so feel free to fill them to the bursting with macerated strawberries or gooey vegan cheese.

7. Garlic and Asparagus Tofu Quiche

Photo by Allison Wonderland

A combination of tofu, yeast, and hummus gives this quiche an eggy, cheesy taste and texture that could fool even the most diligent carnivore. Top with seasonal vegetable to spruce it up. 

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