Quick breakfasts can be Instagram-worthy, too
EC: 7 Fast Breakfast Recipes You Can Make in 15 Minutes or Less
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When most people think of a fast breakfast, they picture cereal and milk, a simple slice of toast that’s slathered in peanut butter, or a bagel with cream cheese from the corner deli. It’s usually something sad and solitary in the interest of speeding up your morning routine. But you can make a quick breakfast without forgoing a filling meal or giving up on interesting flavors. Your dish doesn’t have to look unappetizing or come wrapped in tin foil, either. In fact, it’s fairly easy to make an Instagram-worthy breakfast in less than 15 minutes, a dish that doesn’t look like you threw it everything together while you were half-asleep, even though that’s exactly what happened.

Picture perfect breakfasts don’t have to take a long time to prep or cook, especially not when you’re using one of these breakfast recipes that you can have from kitchen to table in 15 minutes or less. Some of these recipes are great for groups and will impress any brunch party, while others are portioned for one person, perfect for when you want to treat yourself to a hot breakfast in the morning with as little effort as possible.

So if you’re ready to say goodbye to cold cereal forever, here are seven quick breakfast recipes that’ll upgrade your morning in less than 15 minutes—extra time for Instagram edits, not included.

Cilbir with Fried Egg

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Cilbir is a Turkish breakfast dish, made by mixing together Greek yogurt, melted butter, crushed red pepper, along with other herbs and spice. This recipe for cilbir is topped with a fried egg and is perfect for a hungry brunch crowd, despite only taking 15 minutes to make.

Basic French Toast

EC: The Easy French Toast Recipe You Should Master Before Getting All Fancy
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You probably already have all the ingredients you need to make this foolproof French toast in your pantry. All you need now is 13 minutes to make it.

Green Eggs and Ham

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Credit: Photo by Teresa Sabga, Styled by Jiselle Basile

Once you realize you can whip up this recipe for green eggs and ham in just 15 minutes, you might turn into Sam-I-Am, too, pushing this quick and easy breakfast dish on everyone you know.

Three-Ingredient Pancakes

EC: Three-Ingredient Pancakes for When You Literally Can't Even
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Brown, overripe bananas are put to work in this three-ingredient pancake recipe, and since they only takes ten minutes to make, you can easily serve yourself fresh pancakes before you jet off to school or work.

Breakfast Fried Rice

EC: Use Up Your Dinner Leftovers in This Breakfast Fried Rice Recipe
Credit: All photos by Teresa Sabga / Styled by Jiselle Basile

Use up last night's leftovers in this breakfast fried rice, which will take about ten minutes to fry up. Sriracha is optional but strongly recommended.


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Who needs a bacon, egg, and cheese sandwich when you can have an egg-in-a-bagel in eight minutes? If you’re craving something sweet, replace the bagel with a glazed doughnut.

Trinidadian Mango Chow

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Credit: Photo by Teresa Sabga

This tropical, Trinidadian breakfast takes only five minutes to make. This mango chow is made with garlic, limes, pepper, and other herbs, making it healthy, filling, and a little bit spicy.

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