So you think you're an eggspert
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EC: 7 Egg Recipes to Make When You've Mastered Everything Else
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There are lots of ways to crack—and cook—an egg, so mastering every egg cooking technique can take years. But once you’ve learned how to cook a perfect egg, or at least feel like you have a handle on your egg cooking skills, it’s time to step up your breakfast game with these next level egg recipes. They might look super fancy, but in reality, these recipes just build on egg cooking skills that you’ve already mastered, like soft scrambling or frying or boiling. Add some unfamiliar spices and maybe some fresh herbs, and you’ve got a restaurant-ready egg dish in the comfort of your own kitchen. And those spices and fresh herbs can make all the difference, because eggs served alone can be pretty boring to eat, especially if you’re eating the same breakfast every morning.

These seven egg recipes recipes can provide some much-needed inspiration if you’ve been feeling stuck in a breakfast rut and are growing tired of the same old plate of scrambled eggs, day after day. So whether you want to experiment with new flavors and techniques, or need a dish that’ll impress your friends at brunch, one of these seven egg recipes should do the trick.

Sweet Jelly Omelet

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Egg dishes don’t have to be savory, as this recipe for a sweet jelly omelet proves. Whisk some sugar into the eggs, and fill with the jam, or jelly or preserve or even marmalade, of your choice.

Chinese-Indian Scrambled Eggs

Chef Anita Lo’s recipe for Chinese-Indian scrambled eggs uses tons of herbs, including chives and cilantro, as well as cumin, turmeric, and garam masala, a mix of spices that’s common in South Asia. Serve this dish soft scrambled with a side of naan for best effect.

Feta and Pea Tendril Omelet

This omelet with feta and pea tendrils, created by Jeanine Donofrio, author of The Love & Lemons Cookbook, is perfect for spring, when you can generally find the micro-greens, also called pea shoots, at your local farmer's market.

Coddled Eggs

EC: How to Coddle the F*** Out of Your Eggs
Credit: Photo by Alex Tepper

You know how to poach eggs, but can you coddle them? Coddled eggs are cooked in heavy cream, so the result is an egg dish that’s rich, tender, and yolky.

Oven-Baked Eggs with White Beans, Roasted Tomatoes, and Olives

Chef Suzanne Goin’s recipe for oven-baked eggs is served over a bed of white beans, roasted tomatoes, and olives. It's a multi-step process, but this dish makes for a total showstopper at brunch.

Persian Herb Omelet

This Persian herb omelet from Bethany Kehdy is more like a fritatta than a traditional American omelet that you’d flip in a pan, and it's so dense with herbs and vegetables that it's more green than yellow. But it's an egg-based dish, through and through, perfect for a large group of people (or if you just want a lot of leftovers).

Soft-Boiled Eggs with Cheesy Toast

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Sometimes, the dishes that look the easiest are the hardest to truly master, but they're also the most pleasant to eat—like this recipe for soft-boiled eggs with cheesy toast that'll cure whatever is ailing you.

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