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By Extra Crispy Staff
Updated February 13, 2018
EC: 7 Cocktails That Will Help You Survive Your Easter Brunch Party
Credit: Photo by alex tepper

How many ways can you tinker with a mimosa before it’s no longer a mimosa? Same question for any classic brunch cocktail. The answer is not many times. That’s why they're called classic. This is not to say that they're not delicious or perfect for the occasion. But when you’re throwing a brunch party, especially if you’re hosting Easter brunch, cocktails are essential to your success (and survival). We know that it’s tempting to resort to the old favorites and pull out your bottle of V8 and go to town with some vodka, but branch out a bit and you’ll thank us later.

Sure, you don’t want to spend time on booze when you also have to whip together an Easter brunch meal. But here’s our argument: brunch cocktails are too often written off as an afterthought and they deserve a higher pedestal. So, step away from the orange juice and make creative brunch cocktails as the centerpiece to your brunch party. Trust us, nothing prepares you for family time like an Instant Karma Fizz (yes, that’s a pun).

Thai iced tea is caffeinated dessert in a glass. It's tangy, rich, and creamy, and what you tell yourself you won't order from your favorite take-out place but you always do anyways. Believe it or not, it's even better with lots of vodka.

Jello shots typically connote frat parties and terrible decisions, but these classy little squares are super cut and way boozier than you might think (so be careful not to relive the good old days).

Fruity and boozy, this masterful egg white cocktail is a one-way ticket to impressing your guests.

Easter is flooded with bunny imagery, right? Well bunnies eat kale, and so should you. Happy Easter.

I mean, there's bacon in it. There's absolutely no way this could be wrong for any brunch party ever.

You come across some misinformed people who claim they don't beer. Put it in a champagne cocktail, and they won't care.

A "classic" bloody mary can run the risk of being boring, but when you make it from scratch you can throw all sorts of surprises in it. Plus you can load your bloody mary with all sorts of stuff, from peppers to shrimp to cheeseburger sliders.