From waffles to mimosas to "Big Papas," OKC knows how to brunch
EC: 7 Breakfast Dishes in Oklahoma City You Have to Try
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Oklahoma City has experienced a food renaissance over the last few years. Chain restaurants have been replaced with locally owned spots serving up cuisine from around the world. With trendy restaurants often come the expected—while still delicious—mimosas and eggs benedicts. Fortunately, restaurants in Oklahoma City offer plenty of surprises as well. Whether you’re wanting something savory or sweet in the A.M., here are the best breakfast and brunch dishes in Oklahoma City to satisfy any craving.

Waffle Champion, Buttermilk Fried Chicken and Waffles

If anyone is visiting Oklahoma City and asks for a brunch recommendation, I always direct them to Waffle Champion. It’s just that good. It was one of the first trendy brunch spots in Oklahoma City that drew big crowds of cool people sipping on mason jar mimosas every Saturday and Sunday. Don’t be scared of the line here. It may wrap around the building, but it’s worth the wait.

First time visitors should go for the Buttermilk Fried Chicken on a classic waffle. The chicken is crispy, hot, and perfectly seasoned, wrapped up in a fluffy but substantial waffle, then topped with crispy leeks, and drizzled with Tabasco honey. It has just the right amount of kick, balanced with the sweetness from the honey. It’s truly the perfect chicken and waffles. Pair this with an order of waffle fries, a side of truffle mayo, and their milkshake of the month for an incredibly satisfying brunch.

Cafe Kacao, Wild Berry Pancakes

Cafe Kacao is an Oklahoma City staple, serving up hearty Latin American dishes for breakfast and lunch. This restaurant is unassuming from the outside, nestled into an old fast food building off North Classen in OKC. But the inside is buzzy, busy, and friendly. Don’t come if you’re looking for a speedy meal—there will likely be a wait, and meals here are enjoyed at a leisurely pace. Expect multiple cups of coffee, courses, and lots of great conversations with your companions.

No matter what you order for breakfast at Cafe Kacao, you have to try the Wild Berry Pancakes. My favorite strategy is ordering a savory dish (the Motuleno and Migallas con Chorizo are amazing) and splitting an order of pancakes for the table. You’ll get a fluffy, massive stack topped with a creamy spread of rich, icing-like glaze and a berry drizzle. A pile of berries and a dusting of powdered sugar accent the dish. I promise you’ll hear (and emit) oohs and ahhs on your first bite.

Flint, Berry Compote French Toast

Flint is one of the classiest restaurants in downtown OKC. On the bottom floor of the historic Colcord Hotel, Flint whips up killer dishes every meal of the day, with classic cocktails at the bar to pair. The interior of the restaurant is cozy, especially when the temperatures drop and they light the massive fireplace inside.

If you’re jonesing for something sweet, the Berry Compote French Toast will hit the spot. Thick brioche bread is fried and coated in cinnamon sugar, then topped with a tart and rich mixed berry spread and powdered sugar. Pro tip: Pair this dish with a side of crispy thick bacon to balance out the sugar with something salty.

Gigglez, Big Papas

Funny name, serious brunch menu. Gigglez came to Midtown OKC last year as a sports bar serving up brews and stand-up comedy. But they’re more than just burgers and beer. On weekends, their brunch menu is one of the most hearty and diverse you’ll find in Oklahoma City. You’ll find boba tea alongside biscuits and gravy.

My favorite dish here is the Big Papas—a big, fried parmesan potato stuffed with scrambled eggs and chorizo. It’s reminiscent of a Tex-Mex Scotch egg. Topped with guacamole, sour cream, and queso, it’s a flavor explosion.

Sunnyside Diner, Lemon Blueberry French Toast

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Credit: Photo by Erica Tafavoti

Sunnyside Diner is the newest addition to Oklahoma City’s breakfast scene. Tucked off 6th and Classen, Sunnyside serves up classic diner food, elevated just enough to be totally Instagram-worthy and give you pangs of your grandmother’s house all at the same time.

One of their most popular entrees is the Lemon Blueberry French Toast. Tangy blueberries and lemon curd are drizzled over house-made brioche that’s perfectly fried. It’s crispy on the outside, and chewy on the inside. French Toast is kind of Sunnyside’s thing. With five different kinds on the menu, everyone will be able to find something they love.

Pump Bar, Brunch Burrito

At the pinnacle of Uptown 23rd St.’s revival in Oklahoma City is Pump Bar. A killer bar that serves up tiki drinks with some of the friendliest bartenders around, Pump Bar is the place to go with your most in-the-know friends.. Their patio is busy every weekend, so you can kick back with a $15 bucket of mimosas and people watch all morning (and afternoon).

My go-to at Pump Bar for brunch is the Brunch Burrito. It’s a massive tortilla filled with scrambled eggs, bacon, sausage, and potatoes, served over a black bean puree. Salsa verde, queso fresco, and chili creme fraiche top this incredible dish, for the perfect amount of Latin flair. Split a side of the best tater tots you’ll find in town. And order another bucket of mimosas, obviously.

With the boom of amazing food trucks that Oklahoma City has seen, it wouldn’t be fair to create a list without including one. If you spot Buttermilk’s truck at Bleu Garten or around the city for breakfast and brunch, you have to stop by. It’s owned by the Waffle Champion folks, who have a knack for brunch dishes—especially ones with fried chicken.

Erica Tafavoti is a food and travel blogger with roots in Oklahoma City. You can follow her adventures on her blog, Bacon & Braids, or over on Instagram @baconandbraids.