Out with the old and in with the booze
EC: 6 Boozy Breakfasts to Get the Party Started Early
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Say goodbye to the last day of the year and make a toast to the new with alcohol-infused foods. Seriously, if your New Year’s Eve night is all planned out, but your New Year’s Eve morning (or late-ish brunch—yay weekend!) isn’t, think of these carb-heavy breakfast recipes with alcohol (or at least inspired by cocktails) as your pregame. Yes, the evening’s cocktails are bound to be fab, but that alone doesn’t seem celebratory enough. Start December 31 with a drunken breakfast. Food infused with alcohol will not only set a festive mood for the day, it might also give you a head start on your holiday. It’s time to have breakfast and to get a little tipsy off it, too—then maybe head back for a nap before the real party starts. Go on, snooze and booze.

If You Like Piña Coladas Granola

Skip the sugary store-bought cocktail mix and turn to a healthier breakfast with this piña colada granola recipe. It’s loaded with summer’s favorite flavors, like pineapple and coconut, duh—and rum (we promise the end result is still totally kid-friendly)—inspired by the classic tropical cocktail. You'll find a triple hit of coconut in this cheeky granola: Shredded coconut, coconut oil, and coconut sugar. The dried, candied pineapple chunks help to round it out.

Poppy-Seed Braid

EC: This Braided Poppy-Seed Roll Is a Delightful German Breakfast
Credit: Photo by  Aubrie Pick

This stunning poppy-seed braid, also known as Mohnzopf in German, will impress absolutely everyone who sees it. It has a creamy, vanilla-scented filling that’s packed with plenty of rum. This recipe yields two braided loaves, which is great if you’re baking breakfast for a large group or hoping to share a loaf with your neighbor to kick off the new year.

Bacon Bourbon Chocolate Pancakes

All hail these bacon bourbon chocolate pancakes. Instead of sticking with three-ingredient banana pancakes all month long, treat yourself to ones with chopped chunks of bacon and sweet chocolate chips—you deserve it. Brad Miller, executive chef of Ox & Son, serves up these irresistibly sweet and salty hotcakes with a splash of smoky, nutty bourbon mixed into the batter, because why the heck not?

Bourbon-Soaked Cinnamon-Raisin French Toast

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Looking for an impressive last-day-of-the-year breakfast? Search no more. This bourbon cinnamon-raisin French toast is crispy on the outside and creamy on the inside. Slices of cinnamon-raisin bread are soaked in a shot of whiskey and then topped with a boozy whipped-cream topping.

Kaiserschmarrn with Roasted Apricot Stew

Franz Joseph I, the longtime emperor of Austria, loved shredded pancakes for both breakfast and dessert—and you will, too. Kaiserschmarrn, a classic Austrian breakfast, is composed of crumbled, caramelized pancakes topped with raisins, rum, and a seasonal fruit compote, dusted with powdered sugar. This version from Eduard Frauneder of New York City’s Schilling highlights roasted apricots.

Bourbon and Bacon Jam

Sugary maple syrup, warm bourbon notes, and the smokiness of pork unite in this bourbon and bacon jam. It’s extremely easy to make and it’s perfect for serving a brunch crowd to use on breakfast sandwiches. This sweet and salty chunky spread truly brings home the bacon.