All aboard the food trend train
EC: 5 Ways to Make Sweet Potato Toast a.k.a. Avocado Toast’s Weird Cousin
Credit: All photos by KIRSTEN NUNEZ

No trend is safe from millennials. The second something hits social media, you can be sure that a blogger or YouTube person will make it even weirder. Soon after, Pinterest will explode with a million different versions. The only time I pay attention to these is when they involve food, to be honest. The reign of avocado toast has changed my life more than unicorn highlighters ever will. And I know I can’t be the only one. So, when food blogger Kelsey Preciado discovered that sweet potatoes are toaster-friendly, you better believe I started brainstorming sweet potato toast recipes.

Made with a quarter-inch thick slice of sweet potato, this gluten-free “toast” is something out of a dream. It’s stupidly healthy and 'gram-worthy. Most importantly, it is freakin’ delicious. The topping possibilities are also endless, just like normal toast.

Some people are offended by the thought of sweet potato toast. (Such is life on the internet.) I mean, it’s not your traditional bread and butter. I get it. But life’s too short to deprive your taste buds from this magic. To each their own. You can keep your boring toast, but I’ll be busy devouring these five recipes.

How to Make Sweet Potato Toast

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In a standard toaster on the highest setting, give sweet potato slices 4 to 6 “presses” until they turn light brown. If you’re using an oven, brush the sweet potato slices with coconut or olive oil first. Heat for 15 to 20 minutes at 450 F, flipping over halfway through.

1. Bacon, Egg, and Cheese

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Nothing beats a good ol’ B.E.C.—especially when it calls for sweet potato. Extra health points for using coconut bacon, a gift from the vegan gods.

2. Avocado

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This post wouldn’t be complete without avocado. Just mash or cube half an avocado and add a sprinkling of pepper. It’s basically avocado toast’s weird cousin.

3. Cottage Cheese

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Thanks to the mild flavor of cottage cheese, this combo is light yet filling. Sweeten it up with raisins and cinnamon or make it savory with herbs.

4. Hummus

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Plain works fine, but a flavored version—like beet hummus—will take it up a notch.

5. Peanut Butter and Banana

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This protein-packed topping is a classic. Want even more flavor? Add honey and a dash of cinnamon.