Why eat your breakfast when you can bathe in it?
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EC: 5 Skincare Products Made with Your Favorite Breakfast Foods
Credit: Photo by Image Souce via Getty Images

True breakfast fans would love nothing more than to swim in a pool of their favorite foods. And while it might not be the most socially acceptable thing to do, it's certainly tempting. The next best thing is slathering yourself in skincare products made with your favorite breakfast foods. Fortunately, this is an easy task. The use of healthy, natural ingredients in skincare products has become quite popular over the past few years. Many people simply feel better knowing that some (if not all) of the ingredients in their products are also things they would consume. And no, bacon isn't typically one of them. Sorry, folks.

1. Coffee body scrub

For coffee enthusiasts, the scent of java can spark an instant wake-up call. If this sounds like you, add a product like Art Natural's Arabica coffee scrub to your morning regime. The combination of coffee and salt will exfoliate your skin, leaving you squeaky clean and wide awake. You'll smell fabulous, too. (Amazon, $13.78)

2. Grapefruit face mist

While grapefruit's sweet and sour flavor isn't for everyone, you can't deny the rejuvenating scent of this citrus fruit. There's also an excellent source of vitamin C in Yes To's face mist. This grapefruit-infused product is especially useful for setting a face full of makeup or when you need a little pick-me-up. (Target, $10.99)

3. Egg white mask

For many, eggs (or egg whites) are a breakfast must-have. Skinfood makes it possible for eggs to be a skincare staple, too. As one of the richest sources of protein, egg whites can work wonders on irritated skin while adding nourishment and moisture. (Ulta, $10.50)

4. Banana hand lotion

A banana is the holy grail of breakfast fruit. It's travel-friendly, requires zero prep, and is full of vitamins. Thanks to Tony Moly, you can treat your hands to all that nutritional goodness with this "hand milk." It also contains coconut oil and shea, making it a luscious addition to your winter vanity. And can we just talk about the adorable packaging? (Ulta, $9.99)

5. Avocado night cream

You might be surprised to learn that the creamy texture of avocado makes it worth more than just a stellar bagel spread. Its high vitamin content and lush consistency make it an awesome base for a facial moisturizer, like this night cream by Nature's Gate. It's like feeding your body breakfast while you sleep. (Amazon, $10)