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EC: 5 Pokémon Breakfast Foods You Wish You Had Today
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The halcyon days of Pokémon have come and gone, but kids who lived through the Pokémania of 2000 are now able to relive the joy of their youth with the release of Pokémon Go, a new mobile video game for both iOS and Android that lets players capture Pokémon in the wild using their phone's camera. It's basically Pokémon in real life, the realization of the dreams of anyone who was obsessed with Pokémon Red or Blue as a kid and wanted to be set off on an adventure by Professor Oak or had the urge to just catch 'em all. It seems like we're entering a new generation of Pokémania, which is exciting, but there is one major difference between this Pokémania and that of years past, because this time, there's no Pokémon breakfast food on the shelves.

Back in 2000, Pokémania meant that nearly everything in the grocery store was covered with pictures of Pikachu. From ketchup to granola bars, even Easy Bake ovens, there were dozens of different Pokémon food products for the picking, including tons of breakfast options. So if you're in the midst of reliving your days as a Pokémon trainer, virtual or not, here are five Pokémon breakfast foods you probably wish you today had to get you through your next gym battle.

Pokémon Eggo Waffles

Eggo's Waffles came in a variety of flavors and sizes in 2000, but the best was arguably the limited edition Pokémon, featuring beloved Pokémon characters on either chocolate chip or blueberry waffles.

Pikachu Pancakes

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Credit: Photo courtesy of Denny's

Pokémania never really ended in Japan, and in 2014, Denny's announced it would start serving Pokémon-inspired pancakes at its Japanese restaurants. The hallmark of the menu was the Pikachu-shaped pancakes with a generous scoop of ice cream, but unfortunately for adult fans, it was only available for kids of elementary school age, according to RocketNews24.

Pokéberry Pop-Tarts

The first generation of Pokémon Pop-Tarts came with special metallic battle figurines, shaped like Polywhirl, Charmander, and Clefable. A second version was released that was flavored like Pokéberry and came with sprinkles in the shape of characters.

Collectable Pokémon Grape Jelly

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Credit: Photo courtesy of eBay

Welch's is known for featuring cartoon characters on the sides of their jelly jars, and they jumped on the Pokémon train hard with a Pokémon collection. This specific pair of Welch's jelly jars, featuring Meowth and Psyduck, is currently available on eBay for $12.99 plus shipping, which is significantly more than a couple of jars of Welch's jelly cost but a small price to pay if you want to catch 'em all.

Pokémon Cereal with Marshmallow Characters

In 2000, Kellogg's brought Pokémania to breakfast with the release of the first, and only, Pokémon-themed cereal. Called Pokémon Toasted Oat Cereal With Marshmallow Bits, the cereal was made up of, "oat-based rings with four Pokemon character-shaped marshmallows—blue Poliwhirl, yellow Pikachu, pink Ditto, and green Oddish."

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