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EC: 5 No-Cook Brunch Recipes for Hot Summer Days
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You are an absolute saint for hosting brunch this weekend—and perhaps something of a martyr if you don't go with a no-cook menu. Dunno where you live, but the weather has gone kablooey in plenty of places across the US. Suddenly that random June Sunday that seemed like a great idea when you sent out the invitation back in April is shaping up to be a hellscape, temperature-wise. Still, you offered, guests accepted, and now you're tasked with making a gorgeous spread on a day where the heat from a light bulb is almost too much to bear. We feel you and frankly, you feel sweaty. Here are a few ideas for no-cook brunch dishes that aren't just, like, cans of beer and some fruit in a bowl.

But really good fruit salad. With plenty of flavor, color, texture—even a little dressing and spice. This isn't just sad melon chunks, people.

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If you bust out home-cured lox, you pretty much win hosting. OK, it won't be ready to serve this weekend, but master the method and you'll rule the rest of the summer. Serve with bagels, cream cheese, vegetables, and a really smug smile on your face.

You might not generally think of granola bars as a brunchy sort of food, That's because you haven't yet had the pleasure of these righteous peanut-butter-and-chocolate monsters.

You could serve fruit and yogurt and that's yaawwwnnnn just fine, Or you could get crazy festive, freeze them into rings and serve 'em on sticks with sprinkles. The choice is yours.

Consider Frosted Shredded Mini Wheats topped with grapefruit marmalade, tarragon, raw sugar, and kosher salt or Crispix topped with a combination of instant coffee, dark chocolate chips, passionfruit jam, and mini pretzels. Sound cheffy? That's because they sprang from the brain of the James Beard Award-winning Christina Tosi.