Breakfast is the gift that keeps on giving
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EC: 5 Kitchen Items That Should Be on Every Breakfast Lover's Wedding Registry
Credit: Photo by Wendy Idele via Getty Images

Maybe your two favorite breakfast enthusiasts are getting married, or maybe you're getting married and you love making pancakes and bacon for yourself and your boo in the morning. Either way, congratulations are clearly in order! Now, it's time to be on the lookout for great wedding gifts for cooks, either to add to your registry or to surprise the newlyweds. Fortunately, you don't have to look too far for wedding gifts couples will love, especially when that couple loves breakfast. There are plenty of practical wedding gifts for the kitchen that'll make preparing breakfast a breeze and bring a smile to any breakfast lover's face.

A good wedding gift for the kitchen is one that can be used everyday and can be used for any number of dishes. You want also to give the gift of gear that's designed to last for years to come, especially when they're cared for properly. These five pieces of kitchen gear hit all those marks. They're durable, practical, and will bring a smile to any breakfast lover's face.

So whether you're a guest or the betrothed, here's a wedding registry checklist for breakfast lovers and home cooks that'll keep the happy couple well-fed with pancakes, eggs, and bacon for years to come.

Cast Iron Skillet

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Credit: Photo courtesy of Le Creuset

You can make a full diner breakfast in a cast iron skillet, from fried eggs and bacon to pancakes and hash browns. And there really isn't anything more classic than a signature Le Creuset cast iron skillet, which comes in a variety of colors depending on your taste. ($160, Le Creuset)

Stovetop Griddle

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Credit: Photo Courtesy of Sur La Table

A stovetop griddle, like this one from Sur La Table, is great of making large batches of bacon or panckes—because sometimes, a cast iron pan is too small. According to one commenter, this griddle can handle cooking a pound of bacon at a time, which is how you know it'll be able to handle your home bacon needs. ($69.95, Sur La Table)

High-Power Blender

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Credit: Photo Courtesy of Vitamix via Amazon

A high-powered blender is a must-have in your kitchen if you're into making smoothies or sauces. And if you get a Vitamix, you can even use it to make juices or pulverize almonds. It's one of those multipurpose tools for which you'll always be able to find a use. ($248.96, Amazon)

Bread Knife

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Credit: Photo Courtesy of WÜsthof via Williams-Sonoma

If you like making French toast, or just eating bread in general, you'll want a sharp, high-quality bread knife for your kitchen. A good bread knife is about ten inches long with a serrated edge, which will make sawing through thick bread easy. ($54.95, Williams-Sonoma)

Stand Mixer

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Credit: Photo Courtesy of KitchenAid via Amazon

A stand mixer will make quick work of making pancakes or waffles or even homemade whipped cream to put on top of aforementioned pancakes or waffles. ($299.99, Amazon)

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