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EC: 5 High-Protein Breakfasts to Make in 10 Minutes or Less
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When you think of quick, high-protein breakfasts, chances are good you're imagining an energy bar or maybe some kind of chalky protein shake. But protein-packed breakfasts don't have to be gross to be healthy, and they certainly don't have to take a long time to make. It's possible to make a high-protein breakfasts with fresh ingredients that taste delicious, all in less time than it takes to shower. These breakfasts are great for folks who are avoiding carbs or following a gluten-free diet, or even people who like exercising in the morning and need to quickly make a healthy breakfast before they set out on their day.

But these high-protein breakfasts will satisfy you even if you don't have dietary restrictions. The protein makes them super filling, which means you won't feel hungry until lunchtime. Eating a hearty breakfast keep you from snacking mindlessly, and help you stay focused on work instead of your rumbling belly. Plus, these recipes take less than ten minutes to prepare, you really have no excuse to go hungry in the morning again.

So if you're ready to jumpstart your morning with a quick and easy, but totally healthy, breakfast, here are five high-protein that you can make in ten minutes or less.

Egg Wraps

This recipe for egg wraps from The Lean Green Bean takes only four minutes to make, and you can fill them with whatever protein-packed ingredients you want, from turkey and cheese to cheese and hummus.

3-Ingredient Pancakes

These pancakes take ten minutes to make, but you only need three ingredients: bananas, an egg, and flour. Using overripe banana will give you the best results, because they're the easiest to mash up and will give the best sweetness.

Quinoa Breakfast Bowl

This five ingredient breakfast bowl is made with quinoa, which is arguably the prime protein-packed grain. This recipe from Two Raspberries is topped with blueberries and bananas, but you can use whatever fruit you want. Add a spoonful of almond or peanut butter for even more protein.

Quinoa Breakfast Scramble

You can work quinoa into savory breakfast dishes, too, like this egg scramble with quinoa and avocado. The recipe by Wendy Polisi calls for lemon pepper, which will help keep the dish from tasting fresh and light.

Blueberry and Kale Smoothie

Making a smoothie with almond milk and kale will ensure it's packed without protein—without using any powders or supplements. Topping the smoothie with almonds adds even more protein, and a bit of a crunch. You can even prep all the ingredients the night before, so blending is smooth the next morning.

By Maxine Builder and Maxine Builder