And that aren't just eggs

By Isadora Baum
Updated February 13, 2018
EC: 5 Healthy Breakfast Foods That Most People Don't Think About 
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When you think of healthy breakfast foods, omelets, Greek yogurt, oatmeal, and avocado toast usually come to mind. However, stepping away from those popular, low-sugar breakfast items and introducing your palate to different breakfast foods can offer you a wider variety of choices and help you discover new tastes and textures. Below are easy and healthy breakfast ideas loaded with vital nutrients to satisfy your cravings and power your day. These breakfasts are packed with protein, fiber, healthy fats, and B vitamins, and will fuel every morning with happiness, high energy levels, and motivation to get down to business.

Protein Pancakes

"Most people think pancakes are a comfort food reserved solely for the weekends, but if you choose the right mix and nutritious toppings, it can be a satisfying, hassle-free option," says Lizzi Ackerman, cofounder of Birch Benders. "For a grain-free, fiber-rich breakfast, I’ll grab our just-add-water Paleo Pancake Mix and pile on some strawberries, plain greek yogurt, and a touch of honey; it’s my signature pancake parfait on busy mornings."

Sweet Potatoes

Taking the savory route and indulging in loaded sweet potatoes provides immediate and sustainable energy to boost brain power and regulate mood, advises dietitian Elizabeth Ann Shaw. "One of my favorite staples is literally one of the most simple: a microwaved sweet potato topped with nut butter and a dollop of Greek yogurt," she says. "It's got complex carbs, protein, and healthy fat to help keep me satiated well into lunch."


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No, salads don't have to be boring and they're not just reserved for lunch. Shaw's go-to breakfast salad is goat cheese crumbled over spinach topped with a fried egg. For her, it's "the easiest way to eat veggies in the a.m."


Similar to oatmeal, quinoa can be prepared both sweet and savory for a filling, healthy breakfast. Healthy lifestyle coach Liz Traines boasts the versatility of quinoa breakfast ideas, including muffins, salad bowls, cereals, and more. The whole grain is high in protein, fiber, and B vitamins, serving as a great source of energy.


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Traines also suggests eating tofu for breakfast to pack your morning with protein. You can crumble it over a quinoa veggie bowl or blend it into a smoothie. Adding tofu to your smoothie will give it substance and texture. Don't worry, tofu's flavor is pretty neutral so it's easily masked.

Promise: Your mornings will never be boring with these innovative healthy breakfast ideas. Yes, that's right—you'll never feel like you're trapped in a breakfast rut again.