Life is too short for dull eggs
EC: 5 Easy Ways to Make the Best Scrambled Eggs on the Planet
Credit: Photo by Caitlin Bensel

At some point in your life you have successfully made scrambled eggs—or so you thought. Your scrambled eggs were probably a chunky, dry vehicle for ketchup or hot sauce, and that's fine. But you can do better. Scrambled eggs don’t have to be the fall-back plan for when you screw up an omelet. You can make scrambled eggs for breakfast on purpose and enjoy them without ridicule.

First, beat the eggs together with salt because it accelerates and eases the coagulation of the proteins, making the eggs softer and fluffier. Then throw in a little lemon juice (about 1/2 teaspoon per 2 to 3 eggs) because acid makes the proteins creamier and more tender. Next, don’t toss your carefully beaten eggs into a hot skillet: Start with a cold pan and heat it up over a low flame while the eggs are already in it. Slow and steady wins the scrambled eggs race.

Perhaps the only thing more important than your pan temperature is the grease in the pan. We just assumed that you have already cooked bacon, because why wouldn't you, so put pour off most of the bacon grease in a jar and save it (you’ll thank us later) and cook the eggs in that same pan. Finally, your scrambled eggs are done way before you think they look done, so serve them when they still have a wet sheen and loose texture.