Of course some of them are spiked, we're not monsters

Extra Crispy Staff
February 07, 2018
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Yeah, this is a really weird week. With Christmas on a Sunday, Hanukkah coinciding, Kwanzaa kicking in, and New Year’s Eve straddling another weekend, some folks are frolicking, others are working, and everyone’s in need of some caffeination. Plain old drip coffee or your favorite espresso drink is not to be scoffed at, but since it’s a festive time of the year, you might as well make some extra effort. Some of these coffee drink recipes celebrate its pump-up power, while others balance that out with some booze for an ideal day-drinking solution. Here are a few of our favorite coffee drink recipes to get you through to 2017.

Doppia Bevande

The award-winning beverage team behind the The Aviary in Chicago isn’t messing around with their cocktails—or, as it turns out, with their coffee drinks. Ingi Sigurdsson and Alexis Belton modeled the Doppia Bevande after the classic Italian affogato—soft vanilla gelato paired with robust espresso—to create a drink so excellent and complex, it requires two separate glasses to enjoy. (Let it be said for the record that we are always and forever in support of double-fisting caffeine.) Oh, and there is a crap-ton of booze in there, too. Whole bottles of things, including cognac, plus a whole lot of fussy-but-worth-it tinctures. Consider it a vacation day project, and invite over your most deserving pals to enjoy the spoils.

Ayesha Curry's Power Coffee


Ayesha Curry has the same amount of hours in the day as the rest of humanity, but somehow the actress / model / businesswoman / author manages to accomplish just a little (or a lot) more. Part of that “somehow” just might be this liquid vitamin-amped coffee recipe from her latest cookbook, The Seasoned Life: Food, Family, Faith, and the Joy of Eating Well. Curry offers two versions, one with butter and cane sugar, and another with coconut oil and stevia, so vegans and dairy lovers alike can rev up their morning beverage.

The Dirty Flirt

Photo by Alex Tepper

Sometimes you need coffee. Sometimes you’re craving chai. Sometimes a shot of whiskey might be perfect for whatever’s ailing you. Why decide? In this fortifying blend from Brooklyn’s STAND Coffee, the three meet in a smooth-drinking caffeinated brew bolstered with maple liqueur (or syrup) for sweetness and a kiss of whiskey. It’s ideal for a lazy vacation morning, or to keep the party going all night long.

Vietnamese-Inspired Iced Coffee

photo by Teresa Sabga

True Vietnamese iced coffee is a thing of joy. It’s a jolt of creamy sweetness, courtesy of a lavish dose of sweetened condensed milk, balanced by deep, rich, coffee flavor from grounds that have been brewing for hours upon hours. Sometimes, OK, most mornings, you just ain’t got time for that. Consider instead this brilliant shortcut version by Extra Crispy’s chef Jiselle Basile. Rather than fussing with a long steep, this uses cold-brew coffee—which you can even buy bottled at more and more stores these days–so you can just stir, savor, and go.

Coffee Negroni

Photo by Teresa Sabga

Negronis are one of the most perfect drinks in the classic cocktail canon. Equal parts of gin, vermouth, and bitter Campari might seem like a harsh thing to do to your palate and personhood, but the combo just magically works. It can’t be improved upon—or at least that’s what we foolishly assumed. Extra Crispy contributor Kyle Chaka turned us on to the coffee Negroni, which, you guessed it, adds a shot of espresso to the mix, to keep things a little weird. In his words, “The coffee Negroni is like a classier version of a vodka Red Bull or Irish coffee.” It’s too early in the day to think about it too much—just drink up.

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