Being egged up isn't always a bad thing
EC: 5 Awesome Ways to Enjoy Eggs for Breakfast
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A signature, American, breakfast staple, eggs are the sidekick to any other component when it comes to your morning meal. Because eggs are incredibly versatile, easy to make, and delicious, there are plenty of ways to eat eggs upon waking up. Eggs are packed with protein to keep you full longer and to avoid cravings in the day, and they contain choline in the yolk, which is proven to improve brain function and mental health. Eggs also contain iron and B vitamins, which provide sustainable energy, which is much needed for long hours at the office. Here are some awesome ways to enjoy eggs for the week, so you'll feel satisfied, happy, productive, and never bored.


Certified healthy lifestyle coach, Liz Traines believes that a morning with scrambled eggs and veggies is certainly a happy one. Traines likes adding mushrooms, in particular, as they are great for digestion, as they have prebiotic properties, and for boosting flavor. Experiment with different vegetables to add in more nutritional value. If scrambled isn't your thing, you can also make an omelet or a frittata, advises Traines.

On Toast

Traines is also a fan of the avocado toast craze and recommends topping a thick slice of whole grain or whole-wheat toast with a spread of avocado and a sunny-side up or an over-easy egg. Not only is this breakfast super easy to whip up, but it's super filling because of the healthy fats found in avocado.

In a Taco

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"Chorizo con Huevo with a squeeze of lime on a Siete Cassava & Coconut tortilla is by far the most awesome way to enjoy eggs for breakfast," says Miguel Garza, CEO of Siete Family Foods. The tortilla will provide additional carbs for fast-acting energy, and it holds the egg together nicely, especially if you need to take your breakfast to go.

As a Paleo Pancake

According to Traines, paleo pancakes can be just as satisfying as the real deal (if done right, of course). Traines says to combine eggs, bananas, and a dash of cinnamon to create a delicious, paleo pancake that will please even non-paleos. Plus, these pancakes are a simple breakfast to cook, in a short amount of time.

In a Muffin Tin

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Who ever said that muffin tin recipes could only feature legit muffins? While making standard muffins is always a wise choice, it's also fun to switch things up and go a more savory route with egg cups. Traines suggests making eggs in a muffin tin for a delicious, individual sized breakfast that's portable and high in protein and veggies.

There you have it. Head to the market, pick up a carton of eggs, and get to work in the kitchen.