The perfect metaphor for 2017

mexican avocado cops
Credit: photo by RONALDO SCHEMIDT via getty images

If you were tasked with crafting the perfect metaphor to encapsulate 2017, the image of an 18-wheeler carrying avocados inexplicably bursting into flames would be rightly criticized as a little too on the nose. And yet, the universe has found another way to remind us that truth is stranger than fiction.

That’s because last week, a truck loaded with 40,000 pounds of green gold suddenly caught fire while heading down interstate 35E, about half an hour or so south of Dallas. The Texas Department of Safety did not disclose an official cause of the fire, but Dallas area news network WFAA speculates that mechanical failure was to blame.

In addition to depriving toast in the Dallas-Fort Worth area of its preferred topping, the accident closed a stretch of I-35 for nearly three hours. No humans were injured in the blaze, but a bulldozer had to scrape literal tons of scorched avocado off of the highway by a bulldozer before traffic patterns could return to normal.

Though 2017 is finally in the rearview mirror, the avocado craze shows no sign of slowing down. Was the accident a sign we should leave everyone’s favorite crime-fueling, environmentally-unfriendly stone fruit in the past? Well, if you’re looking for a sign, you’ve certainly found one.