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EC: 3 Ways to Separate Eggs Like a Pro
Credit: Video and Photo by Alex Tepper

Brunch is coming and it's time to separate eggs. A crap ton of of eggs. People get really weird about their eggs and maybe it's a way to prove to the world that they're very special, but your brunch hosting reality is now that one of your guests wants only egg whites, or that another likes obscene quantities of hollandaise sauce atop their eggs Benedict, so you suddenly need a gazillion egg yolks. Yeah, you could ditch the whole idea and haul everyone to a diner, or you could watch this video and learn three easy ways to separate eggs quickly, cleanly and, honestly, pretty awesomely.

You could blow cash and drawer space on an egg separator (and really, some of them are pretty cool), but all the tools you really need to separate egg whites from yolks are right on hand—the shell itself, an empty plastic bottle, or even your actual hands, depending on your level of food-touching squeamishness. Once you master any of these techniques for separating eggs, you’ll be divvying them up by the dozens to whip up mayonnaise, meringue, breakfast carbonara, cured eggs yolks, super-eggy bread pudding, or just make your super-picky friend feel all kinds of important at brunch.