Make perfect fried eggs, every time and minimize people's disappointment
EC: 3 Ways to Fry an Egg
Credit: Photo and video by Alex Tepper

People get really fussy about fried eggs. Eggs in general, yes, but especially fried eggs. If someone asks for a sunny-side-up egg and they are presented with an over-easy egg, they may become mildly despondent, and that is a terrible way to feel at breakfast. Making a fried egg is seen as something so easy, a person can do it outside on a car hood or a sidewalk on a hot day, but it takes a little bit of finesse to make every kind of fried egg perfectly. As professional breakfastologists, it is Extra Crispy's sworn duty to make sure each and every fried egg at your breakfast table is to the eater's liking.

First, preheat your skillet or nonstick pan to medium-high heat and add the fat of your choice—butter, olive oil, or even bacon fat work beautifully and add excellent flavor. When it is just bubbling, crack the eggs directly into the pan, or crack them into a bowl or measuring cup ahead of time and slide them gently into the hot fat. From here, it's just a matter of timing. Lower the heat if the whites and yolks are setting too quickly, and keep a close eye on the pan. If you're going for over easy, flip the egg when the bottom is just set to maintain a gloriously runny yolk. For over medium, spare yourself a few extra seconds, but not so long that it will cook to over hard once you flip it to the other side. Sunny-side up—just kick back until the edges are as lacy as you like them.

Watch the video and achieve excellent fried eggs, every time.