One man's trash is another man's shoe deodorizer
EC: 18 Ways to Use Eggshells, Coffee Grounds, Used Tea Bags, and Other Breakfast Casualties
Credit: Photo via Flickr user Jon Olav Eikenes

Real talk: Making breakfast makes a mess. Between the coffee grounds and the egg shells and the orange peels, the most important meal of the day often results in wrung-out sponges and grimy paper towels. However, it doesn’t have to end with a trip to the dumpster. You can repurpose your breakfast castaways for easy-peasy DIY projects to improve your meals, your house, and yourself.

Use egg shells...

EC: assets%2Fmessage-editor%2F1464273892510-Quinn-Dombrowski_eggshells_SIZED
Credit: Photo via Flickr user Quinn Dombrowski your less-great coffee. I know meddling with your precious morning coffee sounds risky, but science says that boiling crushed eggshells with coffee on the stove helps kill bitterness of inexpensive beans. a nutritional booster. Put your mortar and pestle to use by grinding up eggshells into a fine powder. This powder is high in calcium and adds an energy boost to your morning smoothie. your gardening routine. If you find your tomato plants are struggling, it could be a common calcium deficiency problem. Stop the slump before it starts by putting your used eggshells into the soil where you place tomato plants.

Use orange peels...

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Credit: Photo via Flickr user fdecomite

...for an all-natural cleaner. Put orange rinds in a jar and cover them with white vinegar for a tough, natural cleaner. Transfer the mixture into a spray bottle and spruce up the stove, countertops, and even the floor. keep brown sugar clump-free. If you also love to bake, put orange peels in your brown sugar to make sure it doesn’t clump and ruin your post-brunch dessert. deodorize shoes. When your heels are stinky after a big night out dancing or your boots smell rancid after a Sunday hike, put orange peels in a sachet and store them in your shoes to freshen up the scent.

...for infused booze. Turn your mimosa recipe castaways into other boozy brunch possibilities. Cover orange peels with vodka, rum, or whiskey and steep for a few days for a DIY infused liquor.

Use used coffee grounds...

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Credit: Photo via Flickr user How Can I Recycle This

...for deep-cleaning dark hair. Brunettes can add used coffee grounds to their shampoo bottles. The grounds’ texture helps remove product build-up.

...for a canine-friendly bug fighter. Used coffee grounds can act as a natural flea repellant in your dog’s bath. a hand deodorizer. Add a tablespoon of used coffee grounds to hand soap to knock out that lingering garlic and onion odor. neutralize fridge smells. Ditch the old box of baking soda from your fridge and replace it with a jar of used coffee grounds.

Use used coffee filters...

EC: assets%2Fmessage-editor%2F1464276901218-coffee-filter_christian-kadluba_SIZED
Credit: Photo via Flickr user Christian Kadluba a DIY face blotter. Allow used coffee filters to dry, then cut them up into uniform shapes for homemade oil blotters for your face and save money at Sephora. a screen cleaner. All those finger smudges on your iPhone and dust collecting on your TV screen can be erased with dried used coffee filters. These DIY dusters won’t leave the streaks that many cleansers will.

Use used teabags...

EC: assets%2Fmessage-editor%2F1464277222360-teabags_pasimammela_SIZED
Credit: Photo via Flickr user Pasi Mämmelä a feet refresher. Have a post-brunch spa afternoon by adding used tea bags to warm water and soak your feet. The tea will help soften your feet and destroy any foot odors. soothe tired eyes. Forget the cucumbers: Use cooled tea bags, slightly re-moistened, over your eyes to help sore, tired eyes from a day staring at your computer in the office. alleviate burns. Cool, used tea bags can soothe any kind of burn, from sunburn to razor burn. The same goes for a bug bite. If your sunburn covers your body, place a couple of used tea bags into a cool bath to soak in. an unexpected meat tenderizer. When you think of a nice steak, you probably think more of a red wine than tea. But re-brewing used tea bags into a weak tea makes an easy meat tenderizer that adds subtle flavoring. a lowlight enhancer for blonds. Blondes can try using weak re-brewed tea in the shower for a post-shampoo rinse. Over time, you’ll see subtle, natural-looking lowlights.