This isn’t your mother’s celery stalk
EC: 17 Most Insane Bloody Marys from Around the World
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It takes much more than a slice of bacon or a stuffed olive to be considered one of the world’s most insane bloody marys. These days, you can order bloody marys topped with everything from barbeque ribs to sushi rolls, even a couple of fried chickens thrown in for good measure. These aren’t just cocktails; they’re full meals unto themselves, sometimes even costing as much as a brunch entrée or two. Purists will fight back, arguing that the bloody mary is perfect in its simplicity, that a simple stalk of celery is all you need to garnish a balanced cocktail, but raw vegetables for brunch are no fun, especially when there are restaurants and bars around the world turning out jaw-dropping and totally Instagram-worthy bloody marys.

It’s the very insanity of garnishing a drink with a full meal that inspires so much excitement among brunch-goers. You don’t make friends with celery alone, after all. And many of the restaurateurs and bartenders serving up these over-the-top creations know how crazy these bloody marys seem, giving their pitchers of cocktails appropriately tongue-in-cheek names like the Bloody Beast or the Hail Mary.

This style of over-the-top bloody mary has become an international phenomenon, available across America and beyond. Here are 17 of the most outrageous, creative bloody marys out there.

The Attic—Long Beach, CA

Stuffed olives, pickled okra, bacon, a fried egg, a quarter of a waffle, and an entire pulled pork slider festoon this bloody mary from The Attic in Long Beach, California. You can also substitute the slider for a barbequed rib, according to some very satisfied customers on Yelp.

Hrbek’s at Target Field—Minneapolis, MN

You have to go to a baseball game at Target Field to catch the Cluck and Moo Bloody Mary from Hrbek’s, which gets its name from the spicy fried chicken wing and whole bacon cheeseburger perched atop the glass.

Star Bar—Austin, TX

The Hail Mary at Star Bar in Austin is decked out with the usual fixings, like celery and olives, but this bloody mary also comes with a unique mix of savory and sweet toppings, including shrimp, a chicken nugget, a cinnamon roll, and a couple of mini doughnuts.

Blanche Bar—Karratha, Australia

The Blanche Bar in Western Australia makes a Canadian bloody caesar rather than a bloody mary (the main difference is that a caesar has clam juice). But their presentation is as over-the-top as any American bloody mary, complete with chorizo, a slider, pickles, and olives.

Maison Premiere—Williamsburg, New York City

Not all bloody marys have to be topped with fried food or a hamburger to be insane. Sometimes, less is more, as is the case with the Maison Bloody Mary from Maison Premiere. Known for its seafood, the restaurant serves its house bloody mary with a single, raw oyster and a piece of shrimp.

Luke Wholey’s Wild Alaskan Grille—Pittsburgh, PA

Luke Wholey’s takes a wholly different approach to a seafood-garnished bloody mary. This one comes with two shrimp skewered to a piece of celery and a whole fried soft-shell crab with olives for eyes.

Anvil Pub—Dallas, TX

Only available on Saturdays and Sundays, this 32-ounce bloody mary at Anvil Pub comes standard with a bacon cheeseburger. Then, the customer can add “all the sides you can think of,” according to the restaurant's website, from olives and pearl onions to pieces of shrimp and sausage.

Mechanics’ Institute Bar—Perth, Australia

On Sundays only, Mechanics’ Institute Bar in Perth serves an epic bloody mary in a jar with a ton of Tabasco and a whole cheeseburger on top.

Great Maple—San Diego, CA

For $14, you can get a 20-ounce bloody mary, called Johnny’s Hungover Mary, topped with what can best be described as a mini-pizza, made by melting cheese on a piece of fresh bread with slices of spicy chorizo.

Casino El Camino—Austin, TX

The bloody mary at Casino El Camino on Austin’s Sixth Street is a first come, first serve kind of thing, and according to Yelpers, the earlier you show up, the more absurd the drink will be. There’s bacon, pickles, taquitos, even a rogue pizza bagel bite or two.

The Cove—Leland, MI

The Chubby Mary from The Cove in Leland, Michigan, comes with a whole smoked fish dropped into an otherwise classic bloody mary.

Sunda—Chicago, IL

Though Chicago’s Sunda has a bloody mary cart on the menu, those in the know can order the off-menu Sumo bloody mary, a 32-ounce drink topped with bacon, braised pork belly, shishito pepper, and even a crab sushi roll, among other Asian-influenced garnishes. (And big ups to Natalia Roxas at Filipino Kitchen for the picture and presumably tackling this monster bloody mary.)

Score on Davie—Vancouver, British Columbia

The Checkmate at Score on Davie, which costs a cool $60 and is meant to be shared between two or more people, is a traditional Canadian bloody caesar topped with a burger, pulled pork, Sriracha-glazed slider, onion rings, chicken wings, and a hot dog covered with macaroni and cheese and even more pulled pork. And if you’re still hungry after that, don’t worry—there’s a brownie for dessert.

Bumbleberry Flats—Laughlin, NV

Located inside the Pioneer Hotel and Gambling Hall, Bumbleberry Flats offers a bloody mary—complete with a waffle, a pickle, a hard-boiled egg, a fried green tomato bacon slider, and a piece of fried chicken—as part of its Reckless Sunday Brunch.

Party Fowl—Nashville, TN

Party Fowl’s Brunch For Two is basically a chicken dinner with a very watered down, very alcoholic tomato sauce. The 55-ounce pitcher of bloody mary comes with two fried cornish game hens, two Scotch eggs, fried okra, and avocado.

St. Regis Bar—Dubai, UAE

The first bloody mary was made at the St. Regis Hotel in New York City, and the hotel has reinterpreted its classic cocktail at its Dubai outpost. This version, called the Golden Mary, is made with yellow tomato juice and rose-infused vodka, along with dates and red pepper flakes, and finished off with a layer gold leaf for maximum luxury.

Sobelman’s Pub and Grill—Milwaukee, WI

The premiere bloody mary at Sobelman’s Pub and Grill is called the Bloody Beast. Really. Available only on weekends, this pitcher of bloody mary comes with skewers of pickles, olives, shrimp, cheese, Polish sausage, Brussels sprouts, pickled onions, bacon-wrapped jalapeño cheese balls, and an entire fried chicken, making it one of the most insane bloody marys in the country, if not the world.

By Maxine Builder and Maxine Builder